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World Trade Center Employee Discusses pre 911 Power DownsWorld Trade Center Employee Discusses pre 9-11 Power Downs

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NEW YORK — A new witness confirms the WTC power down on the weekend before 9-11.

Gary Corbett is a former employee of Fiduciary Trust Company International, a bank that occupied the 90th and the 94th to 97th floors of World Trade Center Two (the South Tower) and which lost 96 employees during the September 11 attacks. Corbett, who worked on the 97th floor, says there was a ‘power down’ on the week-end prior to September 11 for approximately 24 to 36 hours. During this period, he says, “there was a complete breakdown of security that weekend because of the power down.”

According to Corbett, the power down started on Friday night, at close of business and only came back on Sunday afternoon.

This corroborates the information by another former WTC employee, Scott Forbes who went public in 2004 to talk about this mysterious power down in the World Trade Tower 2. Forbes said they had been notified 3 or 4 weeks in advance by the Port Authority-NY/NJ about this power down and that it was “extreme and unprecedented.” He also said that “without power there were no security cameras, no security locks on doors and many, many ‘engineers’ coming in and out of the tower.”

“You have to understand how unprecedented the power down was. To shutdown all of our financial systems, all inter-related and with connections and feeds to may outside vendors and suppliers was a major piece of work. Additionally, the power outage meant that many of the ‘ordinary’ building features were not operating, such as security locks on doors, cameras, lighting, etc.”

—Scott Forbes, former WTC employee

Scott ForbesScott Forbes says he “sent emails and letters to the 9-11 commission and the Port Authority of NY/NJ, without response“. This ‘power down’ event has never been investigated by the 9-11 Commission. We leave it to you to judge whether this should have been investigated by the 9-11 Commission, or not.

Video 1: Interview with Scott Forbes, WTC Power Down Witness

Video 2: Gary Corbett, WTC Power Down Witness

Email excerpt sent by Scott Forbes in April 2004:

On the weekend of 9/8,9/9 there was a 'power down' condition in WTC tower 2,
the south tower. This power down condition meant there was no electrical
supply for approx 36hrs from floor 50 up. I am aware of this situation since
I work in IT and had to work with many others that weekend to ensure that
all systems were cleanly shutdown beforehand ... and then brough[t] back up
afterwards. The reason given by the WTC for the power down was that cabling
in the tower was being upgraded ... Of course without power there were no
security cameras, no security locks on doors and many, many 'engineers'
coming in and out of the tower. I was at home on the morning of 9-11 on the
shore of Jersey City, right opposite the Towers, and watching events unfold
I was convinced immediately that something was happening related to the
weekend work ...

I have mailed this information to many people and bodies, including the 9-11
Commission but no-one seems to be taking and registering these facts. Whats
to hide?

Your Comments

  • Easterbunny

    Have you guys heard that all of our presidents are related to one another. Their bloodline goes back to king george. Did we even win the war of independence or was it all bullshit just to unite the 13 colonies and adopt the federal reserve as our new master.

  • Spock

    Could it be possible that contracts were signed PRIOR to 9/11/2001 with the companies that cleaned up the World Trade Center site, supplied the trucks for hauling the debris, supplied the barges that shipped the debris? Could contracts have been signed PRIOR to 9/11/2001 with the Chinese company/government for World Trade Center debris? Could the Chinese company(ies) that bought the debris have documented the condition of or analyzed, or documented thermite/thermate residue on the debris? What about the Chinese government, could they have proof? Isn’t some of the debris buried in the United States? Could it be dug up and analyzed?

  • Spock

    Was there a “power down” situation in “tower 1″ and “tower 7″ in the weeks prior to 9/11/2001? When were the improvements made to “tower 7″? WHO were the companies hired to do the improvements? Aren’t there records, contracts, payroll records? WHO were the people that were in the buildings doing the work? Were they Israeli owned? Were they connected to the military? Are there surviving employees who tell what they saw? Did the workers who “upgraded the cabling” drive company vehicles that had company names on them? Did the workers wear uniforms, shirts, or hats that had company names on them? WHO had access to, and purchased the supposed thermite/thermate? WHO makes thermite/thermate, and don’t they have sales records? Follow the money and paper trail.

  • Thadeusword

    In regards to the 911 catastrophe let’s look at the key spokes people at the time, both pro and con. Where are they now? What roads have those opinions paved for them?

  • Thoughtofthis

    Curious…if anyone has or knows of night pictures on Friday night and Saturday night, prior to 9/11.  I’m interested to see the night lighting of the buildings.  If anyone knows of such pictures, it would be appreciated.  Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    People – look up and read about the book written by Susan Lindauer, the author of the 2010 book Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq,

  • James

    9/11 was an attack upon America by the political system of islam and those moslem murderous cockroaches had the assistance from our own government, including but not limited to George Bush.Only fools truly believe that President George Bush was innocently sitting down in a classroom in Florida and had nothing to do with 9/11.
    James G. Borden
    Newsletter EditorAMERICAN PATRIOTS’ MOVEMENT OF AMERICANational HeadquartersHilo, Hawaii 96720

  • Nanna

    If, indeed, 9/11 was an inside job, and long-planned, I think it’s possible the owners of some or the companies had been aware that “something” was going to happen…(I’ve particularly thought this about W.T.C. 7 and Citigroup, which occupied much of the building). To suggest the company owners “did it for insurance money” is far too simplistic doesn’t explain all the other stuff that happened …the military standdown for one…..this is a much more complex scenario overall than that…but it’s possible there was some foreknowledge among certain tenants (and possibly collusion with others.

    I also wonder about all the other W.T.C. employees out there, both Twin Towers employees and those who worked in Building 7 who may have noticed things going on that were unusual during those weeks just prior to 9/11. I wish they’d come forward…

    • Ddunkle69

      Citigroup was not really a major tenant of WTC 7, if I remember so; more importantly, SEC, IRS, CIA, Guiliani’s “bunker”, also a gov’t agency of the state of Israel, perhaps.

  • Markeng15

    retards. being a retired engineer that has been involved with power downs in a lot of buildings, i can tell you that it is a normal occurrence. Most repairs are made without having to shut the building completely down, but there are occasions when, for the safety of the electricians or whoever may be making a repair, or installing or removing equipment etc, the building needs to be powered down. on those occasions, advanced notice is normally given to the tenants so they can safeguard their own equipment and information. in a building the size of the wtc, it is not the preferred way to go about anything, but sometimes may be unavoidable. the fact that this witness never had seen it before shows that the building engineers (some of whom died that day) did a great job maintaining their equipment. IUOE local 94 lost 3 men on 9-11 while they were securing equipment instead of fleeing.

    • Smashiach

      Yeah right! It’s so much easier ti believe the Big Lie…and if this was the only piece of evidence..well it would still be evidence. You should investigate all the evidence and then you’ll see it’s one of many startling coincidences. It’s time for this to come to light. For the sake of the American people and the world.

    • Pat Riote

      under the ruse of repairs…

  • woodstock

    how did those many engineers travel up into the tower without power for the elevators?

    • Annon

      they walked idiot

      • Thoughtofthis


        What causes a great deal of people to use these words, when responding to other people online?  I really don’t get it, as it’s a flaw in the responders personality.  I mean, it’s demeaning and ugly, and a reflection of…your chosen words. 

  • whodoitell

    it might not go away, but nothing will ever be done about it, the public even tho they know about this cant do anything about it, and if they try to speak out , they will just be discredited as a conpiracy theorist, the problem is we are all collateral damage in the elites big picture

  • Robert Drake

    It won’t go away, not in a million years.

  • Chris A Hooymans

    It is the worst possible thing to have to contemplate the possibility of an inside job – the implications that the government through a black op or other dark force would murder thousands of people to forward some political or financial agenda is unspeakable. The mind rebels against this scenario as it puts everything we believe up in the air.

    • Dylan

      That is true, most people find it unspeakable, but the truth is that the US government has been responsible for the deaths of countless thousands around the world over previous decades as well as decisions that have resulted in far more deaths of US citizens, think chemicals and medical industry. They wouldn’t have a the slightest problem if they believed it was for the “greater good” to kill a few thousand on 911.

  • Infowolf1

    this would give plenty of opportunity for back up bombs to be placed,
    to make up for whatever the planes would fail to do. I am certain that
    the truth is not either the official story or the alternative stories, but
    a combination of them.

  • Kyle

    Perhaps the WTC attacks were issued by their own managers in order to claim for insurance money.

    If there are any other witnesses they are likely to afraid to speak because they don’t want to be bashed  by people like these commenters.

  • Ivanlover68

    what utter crap

    • yonigga

      youre a bitch. shut the fuck up.

    • Mikiekovach

      Oh really !!!!!!! Utter Ha >? 

  • Eileen Coles

    My statements corroborating this powerdown are available on Youtube. They were made during the same NYCCAN March in September of last year which featured a memorable, firey speech by Daniel Sunjata. I was a System Support Engineer working for Sun Microsystems who were located on the 25th and 26th floors of Tower 2. We were issued a memo advising us to be prepared to come in that weekend to assist customers of ours with a sitewide powerdown which covered the entire WTC complex. The memo which announced the powerdown provided no explanation for it, and there was also no explanation provided by Sun management.

  • xy

    look man i come from turkey, even i read years ago that the building was emptied some time before the event.. additionally, the security company changed to some with relation to people at top.

    here is a simple solution if you want to prove the whole circus, build a copy of wtc7 to the same exact specs, then first add a tank of thousands of gallons of fuel in the middle of the building, and light it up to see if the building still stands, if it does, crash a fueled 747 on top of it to then see if it still stands. (remote controlled of course) if it does then you have proof. you just need to prove it with wtc7 that reality is withheld, you dont have to build replicas of the others.

  • Zach Carter

    I am very happy to hear of the WTC Power Downs on September 8th-9th, 2001. This is completely fresh news to me, and another missing piece to our puzzle. Another clue that is of course going to be great to unlock is the apparent absence of office materials/furniture in the rubble. Naturally, that HAS to be someone out there that will break their silence and release to us insight as to the possible evacuations of the towers.

    Thank you all very much for your hard, relentless work. I wish you each soul-based prosperity and integrity through time. For your efforts, I believe there is a special place in “Heaven” for you, as there is a special place in “Hell” for the ones we often call ‘they’.

    Peace, Zach.

  • Giles White

    Don’t quite know what to think. Its not fair to make any assumptions, but it seems strange. That would be very sad, if it were true that it was set-up.

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