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Wake Up the District Attorney With 1,000 Letters Week 1Wake Up the District Attorney With 1,000 Letters

A message from NYC CAN:

Fellow Advocates,

Today is the first day of our 4-week campaign urging the Manhattan District Attorney to investigate the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7. To bring Building 7 fully to the attention of the District Attorney, our goal is to flood the DA’s office with 1,000 letters and faxes per week, because anything short of 1,000 will fail to show just how widespread the desire for a new investigation is. We are counting on you to take part in this gigantic grassroots effort no matter who you are or how busy you are. The good thing is:

You will only be asked to send one letter per week!

And, at the beginning of each week, we will report how many letters and faxes were sent the previous week! This way we all get to know whether or not we reached our goal.

This is how it’s going to work:

  • At the beginning of each week we will send out a template of the letter. Feel free to edit the letter to make it your own, but please be sure to stick to what the letter is saying. The template is available below.
  • Copy/paste the letter, edit it as you see fit, and mail or fax it to the District Attorney’s office. We are asking you to mail or fax your letter because the District Attorney’s office asks for complaints to be written.
  • Email us to let us know you sent your letter so we can record a total for that week.
  • Forward this action alert to as many people as possible, post it on blogs, websites, facebook, etc.

Each week will cover a different topic so that the District Attorney can be comprehensively educated about the destruction of Building 7 in a way that is easy to absorb. Not overwhelming with them with all sorts of information is key. This is how the weeks will go:

Week 1: Getting the DA’s office to watch footage of Building 7
Week 2: Testimonial Evidence
Week 3: Physical Evidence
Week 4: Technical Evidence (analysis of footage)

The fax # for the Special Prosecutions Bureau of the Manhattan District Attorney is (212) 335-8914. The mailing address is included in the letter pasted below.

Please help us make this first week an amazing success by taking ten minutes to do your part. The time for us to act as one is now.

Thank you for keeping up the fight!


Ted Walter

NYC CAN Letter Week 1World911Truth Note:

You can also download this letter in PDF format that we’ve created. The PDF version is already formatted so it will be easier for you to send it by mail and fax. Don’t forget to sign it!

To: Cy Vance, Jr. District Attorney of New York County;

Thomas Wornom, Bureau Chief, Special Prosecutions Bureau

New York County District Attorney Office

ATTN: Special Prosecutions Bureau

1 Hogan Place 7th Floor
New York, NY 10013

June 1, 2010

Dear Sirs:

I am writing to ask that you open an investigation into the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7, which occurred at around 5:20pm on September 11, 2001.  There is overwhelming evidence that Building 7 was demolished with explosives, and that it did not collapse due to office fires as asserted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in its 2008 report on Building 7.[1]  Today, 1,200 architects and engineers, and millions of others like myself, are calling for a new investigation into the destruction of Building 7.

Most people have not seen footage of Building 7’s destruction, or they are unaware that it even occurred.  This is perhaps the primary reason there has not been a real investigation to date.

I urge you to watch footage of Building 7’s destruction by going to:

It will take you less than one minute to watch this footage.  If you are like most people who have watched it, you will come to the conclusion that a new investigation is necessary.

I respectfully submit that as part of your duty to represent, serve and protect the people of New York County, and to bring justice for the 330+ New York County residents who died on September 11th,[2] it is your responsibility to initiate this investigation.

Sincerely yours,

Sign Your Name


Your Comments

  • jim

    so where is the second week——we are 3 weeks out???

    getting lazy are we caving into pressure form the man???

    • JF Ranger

      Jim, look at the home page of the website you’ll see all 3 first weeks. And the final 4th week is underway. We’re certainly not caving. Thanks for joining the battle.

  • Jim

    So wabc in new york is calling the 9/11 truthers, and by extension any family members,kooks and conspiracy nuts.A phoney caller last night said the fire fighters kept the people in the building because they were suicide jihadists….not kidding….this was a good segway into how the truthers are nuts and we should be put in our place…..
    please help me correct this..
    it is intellectualy dishonest to say the goverments hands are clean of 9/11 when they blocked investigations and still continue to withold pentagon footage.
    Doug macintyre show—–1-866-907-3339——on-1:00-5:00–please call and promote you tube vids that proove they hiding something from us.If you dont he will continue to spread the 9/11 deception.
    Ten years out folks—this is not jfk—the perpetrators are still out there.

  • FranCisco d Nostromo

    ATTN:JF Ranger
    Below is a copy of comment #36 regarding:
    Infowars article:
    9/11: Wake Up the District Attorney With 1,000 Letters: WEEK 1

    FranCisco d Nostromo Says:
    June 10th, 2010 at 10:27 am
    I support the World 911: Truth attempt to instigate the Manhattan DA. to open a new investigation to the collapse of Building #7 of The World Trade Center.

    Cisco d

    I noticed my comment to the same story on this web site:
    World for 911: Truth is still awaiting moderation:
    May I ask WHY?

    Cisco d

    • JF Ranger

      FranCisco, at this point all comments on our website are moderated for several reasons, not only yours.

  • FranCisco d Nostromo

    RE: “Event 91101″ / Building #7 of The World Trade Center Complex

    All resources of “Truth” should be brought to bear against:

    MAIN STREAM MEDIA is the halo of the dragon called “DECEIT”.

    “Event 91101″ Building #7…..#34. “WOLVES FROM THE SHEEP”:

    Cisco d

  • USPaladin

    myfax is operated by Protus IP Solutions and sends out a great deal of spam faxes. has them listed as spammers and there are currently lawsuits against them. Since government servers and IT systems are a little more stringent on these, that may not be the best way to go as it could get automatically blocked as spam.

  • todd

    This a link to services that allow you to send faxes online for free

    I used this one

    keep on fighting for truth

  • Gillian

    Perhaps an e-mail approach, in addition to snail-mail and fax would also be effective. If enough people e-mail on a given day, it will clog up their server and that would certainly get their attention. It works nicely here in S. Korea!!

  • Klaus Pfeiffer

    Really now, the DA needs to be inundated with letters and faxes to begin an investigation? How many of our state officials have their head so far in the sand that they balk at questioning the obviously manipulated official version of events? How can you ask so many of us, victims one and all, to spend our time and money to try to convince public officials to fulfill the role they have sworn to? Seems to me that all this internet “activism” is really just diffusing and deflating the anger and energy of the public who deserve real answers to their relevant questions about what the truth of the events of 9/11 really are! How can we get an independent, viable, believable new investigation if we use the officials that are complicit with the original group of storytellers? Instead of trying to open a new investigation using them, why don’t you just investigate and create a report for the public?

  • Jim Wilkie

    This is a great idea but please ensure that the website you are directing to works properly (

    I have looked and noticed that the mp4 link points to a .mov file and the mp4 picture gives an error in Windows Media Player.

    Best of luck with this effort!

    • JF Ranger

      Jim, thanks for the comments. is an external website not under our control but we’ll forward your comments to those who manage it.

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