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Toronto Star letters to the editor re: Griffin and GageToronto Star Letters to the Editor re: Griffin and Gage

Tuesday May 4th

Response to the article: U.S. skeptics to speak of 9-11 cover-up at three Canadian universities
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Many thanks for the article detailing the appearance of David Ray Griffin and Richard Gage at three universities in Canada. I, like millions of others, am still waiting for a mainstream paper to fully attend to the details of what these men are saying. Lay out the evidence, please.

It does no good to offer comments from detractors that “they are imposters, liars and con-men.” Are they? Show us why this is so. We no longer react to serious questions based on emotion.

These men are arguing based on the evidence collected. Any detractor must counter the evidence, not simply smear their character. Of particular seriousness is the collapse of WTC 7 and the evidence of explosive thermitic material found in four separate dust samples collected from ground zero.

This peer-reviewed evidence has been available for one year already, and has been completely ignored by such “prestigious” and “reputable papers” as the Star, and refuted by no one. Why?

The Star could be the first mainstream paper in North America to do this, and would then salvage a reputation for courageous and real news-gathering. Millions look forward to this day.

Will North, Mississauga

Why are the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth being compared to Ann Coulter? Did these professionals have to be warned of Canada’s hate laws? I think not. I certainly hope someone from the Star will attend this event and report on the evidence that will be presented.

Cathy Orser, Milton

As a supply teacher, last June I showed a Grade 12 class a video that argued the ’69 moon landing was a hoax. When these students, in their last year of high school, submitted their written work, I was dismayed that almost all were dubious that that historic event had ever happened. O, the gullibility of youth.

Garry Burke, Coldwater

Anyone who has taken a close look at the events of 9/11 and has kept an open mind as to what really happened that horrible day knows that a fraud of immense proportions has taken place. I strongly urge anyone who is able, take in this lecture and begin to discover what is really happening in this world. David Ray Griffin and Richard Gage are the leading authorities in the world on the subject.

Rick Tufts, Toronto

My first reaction to this story was rage. These 9/11 deniers do a huge disrespect to those innocent souls and the families of those who lost their lives on 9/11. The deniers are to 9/11 what Ernst Zundel was to the Holocaust. Rightfully we kicked Zundel out of Canada. Yet we tolerate the 9/11 deniers and offer them forums to spew their vitriol.

However, upon sober reflection, I believe that we conclude that democracy and free speech have won. The 9/11 deniers are allowed to voice their specious, disgusting dissenting opinions.

Boyd McAdam, Toronto

Your Comments

  • blubonnet

    We can stand with profound respect on an American, and probably international, hero, and that range is also the scope of what appears to be the perp’s ambitions (y’all seen PNAC?)

    Hey, “the dave” I’m with you on the frustration of talking sensibility, to those that prefer none, for God’s sake, you might be right, so delusion is a preferred “reality”. Darn, how does that brain navigate, in it’s decision making process? Reality now is the scariest thing for these people. They know they are hiding from “it” and have thusfar, in extreme denial, often with a vehemence, WONT face it. Not…CAN”T face it. How could they not? I ponder often how to get beyond whatever those barriers are preventing the actual opening up of their objectivity again. Ego? Weight of responsibility? Horrid fathoming of what has actually occurred? Probably all of the above. Therefore, somehow, they can just change their focus, like changing a channel, and it “doesn’t exist” And, for God’s sake, “don’t interrupt the TV show”.

  • the dave

    It just depends on if you believe in facts and evidence or fantasy. There’s still no evidence (nor could there be) that the gov’t fairy tale is true. Yet, it can be shown with evidence that the towers were demolished. In spite of that – people are still so brainwashed that they believe obvious lies and attack verified facts. How can you respond to that? If facts don’t hold weight and people choose to believe what they want to in spite of facts to the contrary – it’s not a factual debate. It’s a religious type argument – based on faith. In this case, faith that the gov’t is telling you the truth, in spite of the fact that they’ve been shown to be lying about just about everything…..Why do so many people choose to wear blinders?

  • Daryl Fowler

    Thank you Toronto Star for even mentioning this!

    “My first reaction to this story was rage. These 9/11 deniers do a huge “disrespect to those innocent souls and the families of those who lost their lives on 9/11.”

    Boyd McAdam, Toronto

    Boyd, if you did your research, then you would realize that there are many family members who still demand answers!
    This is just one of many groups. Wouldn’t you want to know how your relative died? Wouldn’t you ask questions if they weren’t answered??
    keep an open mind,

  • Adrian

    Boyd McAdam, Toronto

    Your one small minded piece of work. The evidence is there and yet that thing between your ears fails to fire even two synapses together.

    If you have nothing positive to say then please talk to yourself. The firefighters and families of those who died demand a proper investigation, maybe you should fix your flag in their camp.

    when evidence is presented to you which even a primary school kid could understand and yet you arrogantly dismiss I gotta wonder if the school system is all its cracked up to be in Canada. Trying to link 9/11 truthers to those that deny the Holocaust is one purile, adolescent mumurings of someone yet to reach puberty.

  • Bobby Greenaway

    Thank Dr. Griffin for coming to Canada.
    You are an inspiration !!
    9/11 was the biggest crime in North America
    and I will not rest until the Bilderberg and
    their employees are brought to justice.
    Keep up the excellent service to your country and
    to Canada.
    Facebook Bobby Greenaway for 9/11 Truth

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