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Zapruder film of 911The Zapruder Film of 9/11 – Daniel Sunjata

This new video, narrated by actor Daniel Sunjata (Rescue Me, The Bronx is Burning), compares the potential of Building 7‘s footage with the effect the Zapruder Film had on the American people.

You can watch this video directly on the “BuildingWhat?” website.

The Zapruder Film of 9/11 – Daniel Sunjata

Zapruder Film of 911 - Daniel Sunjata
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Zapruder Film of 911 - Daniel Sunjata

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  • RL McGee

    This is a brilliant outreach tool! The Zapruder film was a game-changer that woke the people up and resulted in a House Select Committee investigation– which concluded a likely conspiracy. We now have 2 official JFK assassination stories. Linking to JFK also shows that evil-doers inside our own government are capable of such high crimes…. It helps to overcome psychological resistance to 9/11 truth. This is a wake-up call to action with excellent narration by Daniel Sunjata. Let’s make this go viral!

  • Martin Wilder

    Martin luther king assasination…JFK assassination…Robert Kennedy assasination..oklahoma building bomb..9/11…INSIDE JOBS!! a great shame for our system!!

  • Alan Johnson, PhD

    I think linking 9-11 with Zapruder is a mistake because there is much more evidence on 9-11 conspiracy plus the Kennedy investigation went nowhere.
    Let’s not give the impression that the 9-11 investigation will end like the Kennedy investigation.

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