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This documentary, produced by Massimo Mazzucco, provides the missing link for the truth about 9/11. The missing link is MOTIVE. If you cannot imagine why anyone in government would want to cover up essential evidence, then wonder no more. A terrorist attack was exactly what the members of PNAC hoped for to justify a massive military incursion into the Middle East, all of which was planned long before 9/11.

You will witness decades of maneuvering for the control of oil and gas resources and see, first hand, incredible war profits on a scale much greater than ever before in history. Even if you are familiar with some of these events, this is the first time all of them have been brought together in one place.

This is one of the best 9/11 documentaries and everyone should watch it. Please share it.

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  • Bill Giltner

    You can go to to watch the vid.

  • Asdimd

    The video is dead, apparently based on copyright infringements.

  • Katherine

    This was, quite possibly, the most disturbing thing I’ve ever watched in my entire life.  I knew that Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, etc. were evil incarnate, but I had no idea how deep this really went.  It’s amazing to me just how much information is out there and yet it is obvious that most people will never actually see it.  And even when you do see it, it is difficult (if you’re at all human), to wrap your brain around it.  It’s no wonder that the NeoCons want to depopulate the world and now we can see how it will be done and to whom it will be done.  Any one…Any where…Any time…Any way…No Reason.      

  • Bob Marshall  Depleated Uranium  If this doesn’t make anyone mad i don’t know what will.  2005-580,4000 US troopd who served in the first gulf war 11,000 died from depleated uranium exposure. By 2000 there were 325,000 who have premenant medical disability. 50% of these troops have some form of medical disability. Still think the neocons care about our troops?

  • Adam-richardson

    Even if the Truth did ever come out… The TRUE Culprits will be dead and gone, and have gotten away with mass murder….it’s sad, but probably true : (

  • Bob Marshall

    No on ever mentioned that 134 terrorist died while being interrogated and imprisoned. Most turned out to be just ordinary civilians.

  • GuestPZS

    We are all Earth’s inhabitants , Earth’s inhabitants are omnipotent 。The concept of globalization;To achieve the Chinese civilization,Promote human progress。=Interest 。
    According to Natural Science,Clear truth;Human rights and democracy=Most beautiful 。
    And understood collaboration=Efficient。    Obscurantism;Most people become ignorant to———–How economic
    development?Condition Limit,No foreign language personnel,   Dialogue, exchange, use the Chinese languageEnglish Use Google Translate Preparation period;WWW.OGRHR.COM

    • Sharon


  • Bob Marshall

    Most Americans that don’t appreciate these facts are ashamed that by supporting both the Iraqi war, Afghanistan war as well as the bombing of Kuwait they  have blood of these soilders, men ,women and children on their hands. Nothing they say can change that. we had all the facts there for us to weigh the situtation carefully. I have and still have doubts that a litttle old man on the verge of death could have carried out such an elaborate plan.  Apparently, not many Americans ever heard about Operation Northwoods. How did Osama get Dick Cheney to order a stand down?  Everyone who heard Bush lie on TV. That alone  should have suggested a cover up. Most of American wanted blood after 9/11. No bodies found on flight 93. Justa deep hole  and parts ten miles away. Does that seem like a crash?Tape showing a blur of whatever hit the Pentagon with Sept.12 in stead of Sept.11 on the film. A airplane over both the whitehouse and one of the towers as the towers were burning. It appears the PNAC was right. America has been dumded down by the CIA controlled news media. if the government  wanted to find out whaat many American were asking why were so many warned not to talk to the media. what about the tape showing the only pictures other than the one camera at the Pentagon confiscated from the store nearby. the 9/11 Commission was a cruel joke played on the American people. This video is one of the best although i have seen every one on youtube and google videos. the more i see the more i believe this investigation should be reopened. after 9/11 i don’t think most of America cared wheather this was an inside job. All you heard on the news media and from the Whitehouse was what they wanted you to hear. Watch! This will work on the public time and time again. after serving three tours in vietnam as a Marine i come home and discover The Gulf of Tonkin incident was alie. Now i discover almost every war the US has been inbvolved in they either started or allowwed to happen. this is not the America it once was or will ever be again.The move toward US Global hegemony is alive and well!

  • aurangzeb

    very sad i request to my brother return from america settling another country  i too was thinking to immigration but after watching all this i am very sad 

  • Scrap

    This is without doubt probably the most numbing,
    saddest and coldly evil thing I have ever watched in my life…

  • Scrap

    This is without doubt probably the most numbing,
    saddest and coldly evil thing I have ever watched in my life…

  • Scrap

    This is without doubt probably the most numbing,
    saddest and coldly evil thing I have ever watched in my life…

  • Scrap

    This is without doubt probably the most numbing,
    saddest and coldly evil thing I have ever watched in my life…

  • Kirbyola42

    It is hard to comment after the things i have witnessed. As former Marine and vietnam veteran i am ashamed of these American troops actions. I hope this wasn’t the norm. Yet people over here cheering because of Saddam and Osama Bin Lidens’ death. In Osamas case, assassanation by orders from Obama and carried out by Navy Seals. After all the atrocites committed by the CIA and the US goverment we have to ask why we are hated as we are. i knew the war was about OIL but the pipe line makes things even clearer. Especially since the pipe line goes through the heart of Iran and Afghanistan. Interesting where the bases are located. the film was very well done. I would like to add one note. Forty seven percent of Iraqi chuildren are orphans because of this unjust war. At least we who watched this video know it was never proven Osama Bin liden had anything to do with the attack of 9/11. i have studied up to and including the events of 9/11situtation and i have found so many holes in Bush and his advisiors stories. I am not sure how much Bush really knew because Dick Cheney ran the Whitehouse. Bush was like Obama just a puppet. We know who was behind this war. thank God for the internet. I have found out so much about The PNAC, The Trilateral Commision and The Bilderberg Group and their goals. It has taken days to read it all. I have been reading most of today about the events surrounding 9/11.It is too bad most Americans can’t believe their goverment is capable of killing its own people to further a cause. I have been called a traitor and a liar. I rest in the belief that most of the people who do that haven’t taken time to look up who was on Bush and Obamas cabinet. certainly not the fact surrounding 9/11. As we now know there are so many who need heavy fines, put in prision and a few executed for treason. I would volunteer to pull the switch. At least we can understand why the debt is so high. Federal reserve lost 9 trillion. Opps! It was here a minute ago.

  • David A.

    I’m sick to my stomach after watching this documentary! Chaney and rumsfield should be hanged for there treason to America in my opinion They are the enemy! Those soldiers disrespect the morales and standards of true American’s!

  • Christina M. Cianci

    What I have witnessed here makes me sick and I feel shame as an American, especially since my tax dollars are funding what I believe are criminal activities against human rights and specifically mandates set forth in the “Genieva Convention” to protect against such atrocities.

    The last shot of the soldiers taunting traumatized, hungry, and obviously thirsty local Iraqi children with bottles of fresh water just broke me…are we HUMANS OR ANIMALS?

    I thank you for your video and pray for peace in this confusing, sad, and violent world.

    Hatred will never be the way…love your neighbor as you love yourself.


    Christina M. Cianci

    • Chavdar

      We’re most definitely HUMANS! Do not insult animals by comparing them to those lowlifes!!!

  • Christinacianci3374

    Dick Cheney is the anti-christ

    • Paul

       He is, and he also ordered flight 93 shot down….I’d like to shoot him down.

      Begs the question, why make a big hole in shanksville? Didn’t they know we’d find out?

  • Tan Chee Hwee

    Very unfortunate. How easy is it to deceive millions of people! And how horrifying the truth really is!

  • Was2103

    If these are the accounts that have been captured on camera, I absolutely dread to think what else is happening there. F@#$ing soul-less humans.

  • Was2103

    Not even the demise of the US would serve as ample retribution for this gargantuan injustice. Your taxes make you implicit. You will pay for this, either now or later, again.

  • Max

    just one question – who are the real terrorists here ?!

  • Andrej

    America has got to many enemys now. This is selfdestruction by the law of Nature. You cant even imagine what this wars have done to your following generations. There is nothing to be proud of now.

  • Rob

    Its been almost 9 years. Most if not all evidence has been destroyed. Nothing will come from these meetings or movements. The convicts in office have made sure of it. There is only one way but Americans are just to dumbed down. We have no leader, or a Republic. I hope I am wrong but I dont see anything happening. Only the destruction of our great nation by the criminals we so called elected. The reality is we are doomed if we dont rise up against this Evil.

  • Sean

    Yes… this should be shown on mainstream TV.. but with the power of the internet… we can show this independently to the world!

    People need to be educated and view things differently! Its sad Documentary…

  • christof litz (zuerich)

    I consider this a film with very clear informations. Sometimes I have the sorrow, that even if this information would be shown on TV on a main channel, a majority would not want to belief this, because they might agree with the goals of this criminal agenda. Therefor it needs more and more voices of people with a high reputation to back up this information to make a majority willing to accept what is obvious.
    This starts to be the case. There is still hope, a majority will not support this crime. But it is at the time not more than a hope, and it will take all effort possible to go there.
    (And I hope, that reality is not as dark as I see it now).

  • david

    Nazi’s,, the american and british are no better than Nazi’s
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