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Support the Troops, Support a New 9/11 Investigation

Support the Troops, Support a New 9/11 Investigation | September 10, 2011

Ten years after 9/11, thousands of soldiers have died in the 9/11 wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and hundreds of thousands of innocent people have died in the process. 

Today, soldiers are speaking up. But are we listening?

Please support a new 9/11 investigation so we can all find the truth about what really happened that day and move toward peace and reconciliation.

First responders and 9/11 family members are currently seeking our collective support for the largest 9/11 campaign ever

Only 25% of New Yorkers have ever seen footage of Building 7′s destruction. The Campaign has the potential to expose over 10 million in the NYC area to Building 7′s collapse, an utmost needed strategy to create a new massive public discussion on the need for a new investigation.

Support the troops who want to come home. Support a new 9/11 investigation. Support the 9/11 families and first responders who need us to stand by their side now. Support the end of the 9/11 wars.

For peace and justice.

U.S. Military Officers for 9/11 Truth Website:

Your Comments

  • JulieCamille:) AMERICAN

    uhhh i think that iff you live over yunder where them ugly people decided to hurt us then YES you should DIE!!!

  • Snoozies99

    Could you please show me the facts that hundreds of thousands of innocent Afghanis died by American forces after 9-11? A student and fellow classmate purported this in my class. This is a person that also discussed other items on your website(conspiracy theories). I ask for these statistics and the evidence based on them respectfully to satisfy our discussion. (I notice you mentioned hundreds of thousands dying on your website.) Thank you for clearing this matter up as I will be pointing my classmate to this website to observe your statistics. Also-could you mention how many hundreds of thousands of afghanis died? I am looking up to see what the total population of Afghan after I leave this site. Thank you for the information and sources sited. Susie

  • Madison Robertson

    the only word I can say is ‘GOD BLESS AMERICA’

  • Helsourei

    How many companies are there capable of setting up building 7 for demolition?  Isn’t possible to find out what jobs they did prior to 9/11?  Wouldn’t it be the way to get to the truth?

  • A Qua Rius

    What about the lies of the wound of the wolrd…Republican…lie on dust nocivity after the WTC collapse…1000 death already 15 000 within 20 years ? lies concerning Talibans, Pinochet, Sadam hussein etc….all these monsters supported by USA till the monsters becanme uncontrolable….

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