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Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth approaches 10,000 petition signers, including nearly 1,200 architects and engineers.

If you support AE911Truth, please sign their petition today. If you know an architect or an engineer, please ask them to consider signing it as well.

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We wish to see the AE911Truth numbers go up quickly. Help us spread the word.

To sign the AE911Truth petition, click here.

You may also sign our international petition which approaches 7,000.

Not Sure?

If you are not sure to support AE911Truth’s petition or not, please take some time to watch their documentary 9/11: Blueprint for Truth available here on our website.

Your Comments

  • dennis doby

    our gov. was the only terrorist at work on 9-11. They are responsible for the entire nightmare. There is a mountain of evidence, even without all the video, and physical evidence the gov. will not let us see. They immediately destroyed everything they could, and conviscated every inch of video, and to this day won’t let it be seen. They can’t and will not let it be seen because that would put hundreds of gov. and military sob’s in jail.

  • Channel Boss

    Agree with Jonette, The time for truth is now!
    David Ray Griffins, “Lets Get Empirical” presentation is available at


    UNE DES PLUS IMPORTANTE PETITION DU MOMENT, un peu comme si à l’époque de JFK de Luther king ou MalcomX, ont aurait pu former un mouvement pour la recherche de la vérité !

    Faites tourner sans modération, cela aura beaucoup moins de conséquence que si vous ne faites rien !!!

    Y a qu’aux states que c’est possible … en russie c’est même pas la peine d’y penser !

    Dans l’empire du milieu encore moins !

    Merci ReOpen !

  • Jonette LaPalomento

    Time for truth now, we will not accept anything less.

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