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Nano-thermiteScientists Find Unignited Explosive Residues in WTC Dust

On April 3rd, 2009 a team of nine scientists from three countries, including Dr. Steven Jones, Dr. Niels Harrit and Kevin Ryan announced  the long-awaited publication of their 25-page article “Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe.” The document was published in the The Open Chemical Physics Journal, part of the Bentham Open family of peer-reviewed journals lauded by several Nobel Laureates.

This article is intended to summarize those findings for the non-technical reader.

For a more complete technical review, visit the excellent analysis by Jim Hoffman from

You can also Download the Nano-thermite paper (PDF).

Provenance of the dust Samples

nanothermite dust sample locations

Map of Lower Manhattan showing locations of the four samples (blue points) and the Twin Towers (red points)

The paper’s findings are based primarily on the analysis of particles derived from four separate samples of dust generated by the destruction of the Twin Towers, samples whose provenance the paper describes in detail. Each of the samples was collected by a different individual who has described the time, place, and methods of collecting and storing their sample. Each individual collected dust that had settled directly after the fall of one of the Twin Towers, with the one exception, Janette MacKinlay, who collected dust when allowed to re-enter her apartment a week after it was carpeted with shovel-fulls of dust and debris from the South Tower. One sample was collected ten minutes after the North Tower exploded, so it could not have been contaminated with particles from the cleanup efforts.

What did they find?


Photomicrographs of red/gray chips from samples 1-4 of the WTC dust involved in this study.

Scientists who analyzed the dust samples found that they all contained the same unusual, tiny red/gray chips, which turned out to consist not only of the ingredients of conventional thermite but also carbon, silicon, and other elements.

The ingredients are all found in an ultra-fine-grained form that speeds the chemical reaction when the mixture is ignited. While conventional thermite is considered an incendiary, burning hot and fast at steel-melting 4500-degree temperatures, so-called “nano-thermite” or “super-thermite” mixtures can be explosive — as proudly noted in the Los Alamos announcement available here.

“These new findings confirm and extend the earlier finding of previously molten, iron-rich microspheres in the World Trade Center dust. They provide strong forensic evidence that the official explanation of the WTC’s destruction is wrong. Office fires and jet fuel cannot produce these highly engineered, dangerous particles.”
—Lead author Niels Harrit, professor of chemistry at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Interview with Dr. Steven Jones and Janette MacKinlay

The interview comes from the film Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup.

Interview with Lead Author, Niels Harrit

NIST Official Connections with Nano-Thermite

What most people are not aware of is that some of the same NIST engineers who wrote the official reports and issued a disingenuous denial regarding the molten metal found at  the crime scene, actually worked on nanothermite. Even before the dust evidence came to light, the obvious speed, symmetry, explosiveness, and completeness of the destruction strongly pointed to explosives. How can these NIST engineers have ruled out explosive controlled demolition without even discussing it in their more than 10,000 pages of reports? Perhaps for the same reasons they ruled out consideration of key evidence from the very beginning.

OK, What Now?

Taken together with all the other anomalies and contradictions in what we have been told, these new findings further support the international movement demanding a new, legitimate investigation of the 9/11 disaster.

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