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In April 2008, French media Canal+ aired a documentary from Stéphane Malterre as part of the show Jeudi Investigation, under the theme “Rumor, intox: the new wars of information”. Canal+’s report was a professional smear job against Loose Change, David Ray Griffin, and the entire 9/11 truth movement.  ReOpen911 then published a response on their website entitled When a documentary on disinformation falls into… disinformation!

The months following this report, they noted with some disbelief that this very bad job was very regularly mentioned by journalists who used it to mask their intellectual laziness and endorse their prejudices on this so difficult topic. Thus a large number of mistruths presented in this film were repeated by colleagues of Mr. Malterre.

This new film (in French) that ReOpen911 now proposes is an analysis and decryption of dishonest work of propaganda and demonization that Stéphane Malterre achieved with some talent… just as he prepares to recur.

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  • Philip Blom

    One can add “journalistic laziness” to “intellectual laziness.”

    Fox News claims to be “fair and balanced,” when it comes to 9/11, they are completely biased against “Truthers!”

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