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We have challenged Stephen Colbert to invite Richard Gage, AIA founder from Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth onto his show.

We wanted to hear from you with the below poll.

People could only vote once.

Here are the results of the poll and we hope Mr. Colbert will notice the high percentage of people who would like to see him interview Mr. Gage:

Should Stephen Colbert invite Richard Gage onto his show?

  • Yes (95%, 1,580 Votes)
  • No (3%, 50 Votes)
  • Stephen who? (2%, 32 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,662

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Thank you for participating.

Who is Richard Gage?

Richard Gage, member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) is the founder of  “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth,” a group of over 1,100 professionals demanding a new independent 9/11 investigation. Official website:

The best way to discover who Richard Gage is, is by watching the below documentary. This is — by far — the most popular 9/11 documentary on our website. To see the list of our most popular 9/11 films, click here.

Top 9-11 Film | 9-11 Blueprint for Truth with Richard Gage

9/11: Blueprint for Truth
When forensic and scientific evidence disprove the official story. Were the 3 towers destroyed by controlled-demolition with high-tech explosives? By Architect & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

> Watch now

Your Comments

  • Matthew Witt

    Colbert is one of the gutsiest and smartest comic voices around. And for that reason, I do not think that Gage is right for Colbert, whose entire schtick is intended to ridicule all claims of fact and truth in a world where facts and truths have been made so trivial. Jon Stewart is also super sharp. But he has made very clear his thoughts about 9/11 Truth on his show already: he doesn’t buy it. Or at least, so he says publicly.

    Like other comments on this Blog, I don’t think Gage will respond well to Colbert’s rhetorical/silly jujitsu tactics, but maybe I am mistaken. Any single, explosive message does not fit Colbert’s political comedy very well. He is best when he lampoons the powerful and self-righteous in general. That said, Colbert was excellent getting to the heart of the idiocy and hypocrisy of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. But somewhere between start and end of any given schticking Colbert MUST BE FUNNY, not just clever. That’s the deal he must take and deliver on. There is nothing funny about 9-11 Truth. Colbert knows he works for Viacom, and knows how far he can push “the truth”, as does any King’s Fool who has retained his head.

    Colbert as Fool entered the Lions den in 2006 at the Washington Press club. The Court Jester can only do that so many times in one career. Again, I may be wrong, but I urge folks to consider that “the medium is the message”. The Colbert medium is funny-with-a-serious-point-with-someone-laughed-at-beginning-with-Colbert-himself.

    9/11 Truth is serious like a heart attack, as the saying goes. There is nothing funny about heart attack as far as I can tell. No character or caricature to lampoon. Too many people died horribly on 9/11 to permit a laugh at this point. Too many people still die under threat of U.S. drone aircraft for this to be made funny; and too many truly evil doers profit from all of this. The Triangle Shirt Waist Factory Fire in New York wasn’t funny, and never will be. Multiply that incident times a factor of 1,000, or more: it is that much less funny to talk about. Privately, Colbert could probably make anyone laugh at even horrible things. But the public face he wears can only go so far.

  • Paul Mason

    I am a Structural Engineer of 35 years experience working for an Australian state government agency. I KNOW 9/11 was a fraud. The only way to explain all the buildings’ behavior is EXPLOSIVE DEMOLITION !!!!

  • Charlie

    Just ask your Congresspeople
    WHY did the worlds greatest military power FAIL to defend even its own HQ?
    and at the time, the Commander in Chief was stiiting on his ass in a photo-op …. whats up with that?

  • allen king

    Stephen Colbert is informed on numerous subjects, unfortunetly
    his reports are ”info-tainment”. In my opinion he is not taken very seriously by the public, or he would not be allowed to stay on had he shaken the public to wake up. From what I can observe, I do not believe most people who learn the truth, realize and rationalize the profound changes to our free society and connect the dots with our post 9-11 world and that fatal day.
    Richard Gage has no time to waste with Mr.Colbert.

  • Ricia Wise

    Let him talk on the show.

  • fourmorewars

    Voted no. This from a person who called into Thom Hartmann’s show not 3 days ago (TH was in Germany, Peter B. (Collins?) was guesting)…I pushed HARD back against a conspiracy denialist, my big thing was and remains the utterly implausible Pentagon pilot scenario…agree with DGS that Colbert IS amazing in the topics he’ll bring up, he virtually covers everything Amy Goodman does, and that’s as high praise as I can bestow. (Gotta say that she, goddess that she is, also is leery of touching on this one radioactive topic.)

    But Stephen is PRICELESS, doing what he does, and I think it’d be the biggest mistake to press him too far on this. He is who he is, and it is what it is, and maybe a younger me would’ve thought the twain should meet, but the 51 y.o. me of now says this would be counterproductive.

  • DGS

    Great Idea, because the rest of the MSM is not going to have anything to do with this. As for the comment on having this gentleman on “The Daily Show” as opposed to Colbert, I think you are wrong. As a long time viewer of both, John’s show for over ten years and Colbert from the beginning, the “Daily Show” has slipped in its edginess regarding the “truth”, and is now more mainsteam than some MSM. Its now a regular stop for the braindead politico’s to go on and spew their BS . Now the Colbert Report is quite different, yes he makes a joke BUT HE SPEAKS the TRUTH (taboo on TV). As a matter of fact, he described in detail the REAL HISTORY in Afghanistan regarding, Karzi, the Talibs. and Nothern Alliance etc. before making a joke. Point is he will people tell the truth on his show and ridicule the liers and idiots.
    GET HIM Colbert.

  • demolitionengineerfortruth

    Demolition Experts for 9/11 truth.

    I’d love to see that. I’d love to see demolition experts from around the world reviewing the WTC 7 video and blueprints and hearing their honest opinions on this matter.

    That’s the short film I’d make if I had the resources.

  • mike

    I do think it would be good for richard gage to be on most tv channels talking about this but steven colbert would try to put a twist and make it look silly crazy or a joke better to be on john stewert this is a serious issue and steven colbert makes jokes about things in backwords type of way.

  • Alec

    The amount of evidence gathered in the past 7 years is shockingly overwhelming.I myself am a life long resident of New York,and along with 80,000 other of my fellow New Yorkers want a new INDEPENDENT Investigation into the preventable murders of over 3000 innocent Americans on 9/11…Its long overdue for the citizens of this country & around the world to wake the hell up & restore our dignity and accountability in holding those who we KNOW planned,lied,covered-up,helped before or after the factand bring those their fate…….A&…….

  • John Wallace

    When 92% of the world knows what happen on 9/11, should the US government come out with the truth about the matter. let me answer that, YES, America and the rest of the world are 92% aware of all the facts that make 9/11 the biggest lie in history. US government say the truth nowwwwwwww. We know what happen, we know why, we know who and we know the key players in this scam. Larry Silverstein admitted the buildings where “Pulled” demolition term for distroying a building, look at this

    question to ask, who profited from this, who made money off of this and look at the facts. this is a big scam people.

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