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Building What? - MOST IMPORTANT 911 TRUTH CAMPAIGN EVER“BuildingWhat?”: Most Important 9/11 Truth Campaign Ever

LATEST UPDATE: BuildingWhat? TV Ad Is On The Air Now in New York City

For nearly nine years, the American people and the world have been kept in the dark about an event of monumental significance: the freefall collapse of World Trade Center Building 7.

To commemorate the 9th anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11/01, World911Truth teams up with 9/11 families, survivors and  first responders through NYC CAN and other formidable partners like Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and Firefighters for 9/11 Truth to launch “BuildingWhat?, the most important 9/11 truth campaign ever.

Update 1: 7 reasons to support the “BuildingWhat?” fundraising drive
Update 2: “BuildingWhat?” TV Ad unveiled

We have decided to create a huge 9/11 truth blast in New York City this fall. The plan is to reach out to millions of New Yorkers through TV advertisement which will focus on the collapse of WTC Building 7.

Shortly after Sept. 11, the ad will run in various local TV networks and reach up to 6.5 million individual views. The professional TV ad will feature 9/11 family members inviting people to visit  the Building What? website to learn more about the collapse of this 47-story skyscraper.

“Recognizing the high correlation between those who know about the collapse of WTC Building 7 and those who believe that a new – or rather a real – 9/11 investigation is needed, I propose that the international 9/11 Truth Movement initiate, starting this September, a worldwide, year-long ‘BuildingWhat?’ campaign. Through this campaign, we would seek to make the fact of its collapse so widely known that the mention of Building 7 would never again evoke the question: ‘Building What?’”

—David Ray Griffin, author of the book The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 and several other 9/11 books

“This is the best opportunity yet to get the implosion of Building 7 into the consciousness of the public. Let’s not let the opportunity go poof, just as the mainstream media coverage of the event went poof.”
—Dwain Deets, Former NASA engineering executive and AE911Truth member, author of the article Building 7: Mainstream Media Implodes on 9/11

Why Building 7?

Why Building 7? Because most people still don’t know about it and a TV campaign like this one will change things dramatically.

Building 7 is the most obvious and simplest to understand of all the problems with the official account of 9/11. It is so obvious that if the public were to become familiar with it, a majority would begin to doubt the official account, which is why it has been largely hidden from public view. Just as the public release of the Zapruder film in 1975 created widespread doubt of the official account of JFK’s assassination, which eventually led to the House Select Committee on Assassinations, widespread exposure to Building 7 footage could have a similar effect.

Also, mainstream media coverage of the collapse of this building — on the day of the event and after — was below mediocre. Read the excellent analysis by Dwain Deets, former NASA executive engineering and AE911Truth member entitled Building 7 : Mainstream Media Implodes on 9/11 to see just how little time the major media spent talking about Building 7 after its collapse. It is time to rectify this major problem and show NYC residents what happened with this building.

Why New York City?

To have an immediate and major impact, the ad will need to be concentrated in one location. NYC is the best location for three reasons, in addition to being the location of the attacks and Building 7:

1) It makes up 6.5% of US television viewers, more than double the third largest market, Chicago.

2) As the media capital of the country, New York City is the most likely to have an after-effect in the media.

3) New York City’s government provides the best chance for an official investigation to be started in the foreseeable future. Many local officials have been educated about Building 7 and are waiting for greater public support before taking action.

After the New York campaign is finished we will begin fundraising for the next campaign in a city to be determined. As the campaign grows, thousands of new donors will emerge and our fundraising efforts will snowball.

“Building what?”
Judge Edward Lehner upon hearing mention of WTC Building 7

9/11 Truth Major Participants to this Campaign

The organizations and individuals who actively support this campaign are:

NYC CAN, World for 9/11 Truth, 911Blogger, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (Richard Gage, AIA), Firefighters for 9/11 Truth (Erik Lawyer),, Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth, Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth (David Ray Griffin), Lawyers for 9/11 Truth, Niels Harrit (Coauthor of the WTC Nanothermite Study), and several 9/11 family members including Bob McIlvaine, father of Bobby McIlvaine and Manny Badillo, nephew of Thomas Joseph Sgroi.

Your Comments

  • truthtard torturer

    14 months later and the twoofers have raised…less than 8%!

    Your utter failure is a massive victory for truth, logic, reason and rational, critical thinking.

    Keep up the fight, though. In 100 years you might make that cool million
    you’re after, AND you’ll make so many people like me laugh and laugh
    and laugh….

  • Pogi

    Most likely there are evidence in building 7 with the involvement of the WTC attacks and also the cover up for the “imaginary” plane that hit the Pentagon. The implossion is more like a kill switch to lose all tracks and evidenvce. I have a feeling that all data in building 7 or any other “stink” the government is hiding was moved else where in the city. Any other high profile/security building in the city? Better watch it!!!! It might be coming down next!!!

  • Kimberly
  • we want truth

    CNN and BBC knew about it …
    inside job … check this video out guys

    how did they know abt it …

    CNN and BBC same as FOX are behind all this circus performance..

  • Daniel

    @Brody 3 little letters for you D-Y-R


    people like you make it nearly impossible for the truth to be heard, regurgitating what the globalist controlled mass media has to say, following your “favorite” political pundit around blindly like a lemming following the heard over a cliff.

    I guess ignorance realy is bliss guys.

  • MIke

    @ Brody….are you serious? Marvin Bush was on the board of directers for the security company that handled the WTC and Dulles Airport. Dr. Steven Jones (and others) studied samples of dust from ground zero and found it loaded with nanothermite. You have NO IDEA what you’re talking about.

  • SeaClearly

    In support, all the way.

  • brody

    guys – think on this for a moment. if it was controlled demolitions that brought the towers down how on earth did the explosives get into the buildings with no one seeing? how come no physical evidence of all those tonnes of explosives was ever found?

    here’s why: because there were no controlled demolitions.

    • JF Ranger


      Ace Elevators was the company that had the contract for the most important elevator modernization project in history… a few months before 9/11 (Elevator World, March 2001). Several workers had access to the elevator shafts, right next to the core columns.. for months. These 200 workers preferred to leave the towers early instead of providing emergency help, which is very unsusual. Here’s what USA Today had to say about them:

      “The departure of elevator mechanics from a disaster site is unusual. The industry takes pride in rescues. In the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, elevator mechanics worked closely with the firefighters making rescues.” Robert Caporale, editor of Elevator World will say, “Nobody knows the insides of a high-rise like an elevator mechanic. They act as guides for firefighters, in addition to working on elevators.” The Port Authority will also say that their departure was in conflict with the emergency plan. “There was no situation in which the mechanics were advised or instructed to leave on their own.”

      Ace Elevators have to be investigated thoroughly.

      Securacom (now Stratesec) was the company responsible for providing security to those towers. I hate to bring up coincidences again, but it needs to be mentioned that both Marvin Bush, George W. Bush’s brother, and Writ D. Walker III, another relative of President Bush were either at the board of director or CEO of Securacom at the time. Lean more here.

      So as you probably understand by now, if it was an inside job, you can clearly see it was possible for people to plant explosives in advance.

      Also, explosives were found. Unignited chips of an advanced, military-grade explosive called nanothermite were found in abundant quantities in the dust. A team of scientists lead by Niels Harrit from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark reported this in a 28-page peer-reviewed paper on April 3rd, 2009. You might have missed it because mainstream media created an iron wall over that info in the US.

      Here’s more on nanothermite:

      Scientists Find Unignited Explosive Residues in WTC Dust

      Top 10 Connections Between NIST and Nanothermite

  • Paul F. Getty

    Thanks so much JF Ranger.
    We need this event, on the ninth anniversary, to be well attended.
    Let’s spread the word about this DAY and weekend.
    This is a great sendoff for the rest of the events that have been publicized here that will come during the weeks after.

  • Paul F. Getty

    So, no interest in a rally or any other organizational event on the actual day of the beginning of the tenth year post 9/11…………..9/11/10………

    I see.
    I have asked on many venues about any events that day, a very most important day, but apparently no interest.

    I don’t get it.

    I’ll be there.

    At Ground zero.

    apparently by myself.

  • Sheila

    This is the best time to start a massive campaign..just when there is a lot of attention to Ground Zero regarding the mosque being built!! Very promising!Well worth the donation I made :)

  • Jim Wilkie

    This is well worth donating to.

  • Paul F. Getty

    I am excited that a huge campaign in NYC will begin and hopefully continue during this, the tenth year after 9/11/01.
    However, I have yet to hear of any events on the ninth anniversary at
    Ground Zero.
    I am coming up from North Carolina to be there, hoping there will be some events and others to join with, but I have not heard of anything going on during that Saturday, which seems to me a great opportunity for some media exposure.
    If someone knows of the plan for that day, let me know:

  • Daniel

    the guilty will hang in the year of the boomerang

  • Erik Kamfjord

    9/11 Truth will end these wars!

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