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Michael Moore Supports a New 9/11 Investigation

Michael Moore Supports a New 9/11 Investigation | October 3, 2011

During an interview on Democracy Now! (video below) to discuss his new Book Here Comes Trouble: Stories from My Life, filmmaker, author and activist Michael Moore publicly endorsed the idea of a new 9/11 probe. Notwithstanding that he directed the excellent 2004 documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 — and got both vilified and acclaimed for his film (it won the 2004 Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or) — it is the first time, to our knowledge, that Michael Moore backs a new 9/11 investigation on the public stage. 

“I think there is a lot of unanswered questions and they should be answered.” 
— Michael Moore, in support of a new 9/11 investigation

Interview: Michael Moore Supports a New 9/11 Investigation

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  • Waarheid

    Great article, I am definitely going to spread this in the Netherlands. People are looking like they have seen a ghost when you tell them about building nr7. I will like the Facebook page too, thank you

  • victor freeman

    They wher after the palaverdy nuke power plant to,and dust the colorado,aqwafer, in tonapa az .victor freeman 719-334-2512

  • Joseph Muhammad

    It is clear that Bob Graham is an Illuminatist liar, but what is not clear is this: Is Michael Moore pretending (going along with the phony official story still of Asame bin Laden and airplanes) to protect himself or is he also an Illuminatist liar? It is difficult to believe that the Illuminati have benefited in any way from Moore’s films such a Fahrenheit 9/11 and Sicko. So why is Moore still pretending to believe the official story? Is it to protect himself? The mainstream media can write off Alex Jones as a conspiracy theorist in their negative rhetoric against patriots and truth, but it would be more difficult for them to quash Michael Moore. Is that correct? So, have the conspirators threatened Moore’s life or those of his loved ones if he speaks truth that 9/11 terrorism was done by treasonous Americans?

    • Occupy_florida

      Very well put, brother Joseph! Nothing suprises me, but Mooore, could be yet another bribed Zionist shill? Time will tell? however, I found the smoking gun!! Haha! , It took me over 500 hours of personal time to find this site. I went to Google, and would not stop at page one (showing the top 10 selections) I would go to page 2, 3, 4, etc. This went of for months, then finally the Eureka (I found it) moment. I just personally “really” wanted to know the TRUTH. The truth indeed will set you free! :) )) …So share accordingly. Any so called “Celebration” of the anniversary, are in my humble opinion “Enemies of the State”

  • truthtard torturer

    michael moore, a MASSIVE hypocrite (pun intended, the fat sack of sh*t that he is), could very easily fund the remaining 92% the “duuhhh…building what?” campaign needs, but hasn’t. I wonder why. he’s worth about $50 million.

    but it is nice to see him sink to his proper level by siding with this utter stupidity, making him even more of a pariah and less relevant.

    his inevitable heart attack or powerstroke can’t come soon enough.

  • Daniel Noel

    Goodman has evidently learnt her 9/11 lesson. She shall not repeat her one-time error of hosting a fair debate between Loose Change and Popular Mechanics.

    Graham and Moore are demonstrably part of the 9/11 problem. Instead of affirming the self-evident terrorist demolitions of the twin towers, they request some extra investigation on an important but non-essential detail regarding the Saudi support of the alleged hijackers.

    It bears reminding that the truly alarming 9/11 conspiracy is not the twin towers’ demolition by hi-tech experts, nor the cover and protection the U.S. government gave these terrorists, but the remarkable global, persisting and self-healing censorship thereof by just about every leader of importance who should denounce it. Graham, Moore, Goodman are a significant sample of watchdogs who should but do not bark. While they distract their viewers with some important details of the preparation of 9/11, they conveniently ignore the fundamental problem of the 9/11 censorship.

    The awareness of the 9/11 censorship lead straight to the analogical demonstration of the largest conspiracy of all (, a sinister process by which the information “we the people of the world” is systematically altered to our detriment. Graham, Moore & Goodman probably know very well what they are doing. Their true purpose is to keep protecting the global Platonic theater and its Masters.

    When enough 9/11 truth-seekers stop looking at the trees of the specifics of 9/11 and start seeing the forest of the censorship, humanity will enter a highly favorable paradigm shift.


    • truthtard torturer

      “truth-seekers” are those who are asking questions to get answers because they do not know something.

      odd how most twoofers are so certain about so much of their silly little conspiracy theory and still refer to themselves as truth-seekers. they aren’t. they seem to possess the “truth” that they want to believe.

      just another big fat chunk of laughable hypocrisy from the twoofers.

      • Pandlhope

        That’a'boy truth-retard; You exercise that grade 3 education as much as you can! I know you’re smarter than 1600 architects and engineers. I know you are the only person in the world that can see a plane in the pentagon video. I know that your lack of education and common sense enables you to see that it is possible to knock down a 47 story building by setting fire to a few pieces of furniture from Idomo. Keep up the fight, you treasonous anti-American, uneducated’ backwoods, inbread, sister bangin’ toilet lickin wanker. By the way, Why is your left hand holding up your chin right now? It is,Isn’t it?

      • Daniel Noel

        Did my post flow a tad high for you? Would you care to start with the elementary conspiracy class, conveniently available at


  • Guest

    There’s a petition at to get a criminal investigation started into the events of 9/11 — please sign:!/petition/launch-real-public-subpoena-empowered-criminal-investigation-events-sept-11-2001/w9XBvTJY

  • Anonymous

    I think he is the greatest guy no bull shit info on this issue I want to know the truth before I die need to put it to rest in my head I can handle the truth, I handle the disease I was told which was a blow to my life and family much different out look on life as I know some what at peace with dieing and my mortality can’t get any worse them what I been dealing with so bring on the truthwe need closer please!!!

  • Markus Haefner

    We are shreddering ourselves with processorspeed 

  • Achille De Lucia

    Achille    I don’t believe any person or country ever suspected of possible wrong doing could investigate themselves. So to investigate 9/11 here in the US is impossible. We would need a world court to investigate this tradgedy of 9/11. At that point the American people could deceide to beleive or disbeleive there conclusions and act on it.

    • mrsbedi

      One thing that we do not need is a world court…though

    • Damien

      like the Nuremburg courts that convicted the Nazi’s. The people responsible (ie. US Government/USA Big Business/Israeli Secret Service) will have their day in court and not some mickey mouse, destined to fail investigation that was the official investigation.

  • Nicosantome

    personally (not being an american) I feel that the world media is taking me for a fool with all the loose ends that the 9/11 left. and if I was american i would feel ashamed of the short minded society I’d live in that allows 10 years of bullshit (with all due respect)

    • mrsbedi

      The entire world is bullshit, your country included…elites are everywhere. Kind of an ignorant comment.

  • Hs4265

    I want the truth about 911 to come out also. I want the NIST reports exposed, the questions asked under oath that weren’t asked by the 911 commission, and all the perpetrators put in jail for the rest of their lives. 

  • Biggielamb

    Michael, keep kicking ass. “We the people…” need to all stand up and do something other then just sit around and bitch and complain. If more of us wold band together and allow our voices to be heard…maybe we can take our Country back from all these greedy lying bastards. They all promis us what we want but then they get into office and the power goes straight to their head. We go and call them out on it and it all just gets pushed away because of the power they have and then we just go back to bitching again. Go get them Michael, someone has to step up.
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