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Loose Change Creators Slam ABC News

At the Treason in America Conference on 3/6/2010, ABC News decided to drop by and “cover” the event. The creators of the Loose Change documentaries, Dylan Avery and Korey Rowe were interviewed for a piece within the next week on the Pentagon shooter. They were ready for them.

You can see the entire conversation right here, uncut… (see below)

“What happens is ABC News comes and interviews us and goes and attacks us instead of actually maybe try to get some accountability for the events. It’s easier for you guys to interview two young filmmakers and attack them, call them names, put words in their mouth and extract soundbites from them than to actually go and try to investigate the attacks. So we are just fighting back and forth with the media. You just keep calling us names and we keep going: ‘uh, why aren’t you going to interview actual people that could lead to an new investigation?’ Why is it easier to interview us and to demonize us than to try and get your job done?”

“We already know what you guys are going to do. Just by the questions you asked us. It’s very clear what your agenda is. So the only question is: are you going to continue attacking us and doing the same thing the media has done for years or are you actually going to try and get some justice?”

“We’re a peaceful movement. And just because someone picks up a gun and shots people and the News decides to say he was a ‘truther’ that doesn’t meant that all of a sudden all of us are suddenly going to pick up guns. And that’s funny because when we try to do good things, when we donate money to the first responders or when we try to show support and educate other people, that we don’t get any coverage.”

— Dylan Avery and Korey Rowe, Loose Change filmmakers

ABC News Vs. Loose Change Part I

ABC News Vs. Loose Change Part II

Your Comments

  • Dashiva

    that was breath taking, well done loose change, ABC Shame on you!!

  • Nino LaRocca

    it just boggles the mind with the biggest crime in history
    and our GOVERNMENT doesn’t want to investigate all the reporters at the WTC site hearing explosions going off and having a person who works in the WTC
    a few levels below and being thrown from an explosion in a elevator shaft
    and our GOVERNMENT says NO we don’t need to investigate ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!!!! one point I like to make if it’s not a CONSPIRACY
    instead you got a hole in the wall
    that’s all folk’s

  • Marianna

    I haven’t watched television since “the switch to digital” last summer. It’s a mixed bag for me to be without TV… on the plus side, I’m not supporting the networks…that’s big and that’s why I’ve given up watching. On the negative side, I am not privey to “the news,” which I would analyze in a completely different light — I look more at the “meta-message,” figuring out what’s going on AROUND the events (In his talk at the AE press conference, Stephen Jones mentioned doing this), watching for responses, reactions and inconsistencies from the human beings doing the reporting.

    I sometimes refer to a little Neuro Linguistic Programming chart for eye movements, which can indicate whether the person in “making up” what s/he is talking about, or, actually remembering an event — the eyes move in different directions — Ronald Reagan’s eyes always used to go up toward the “visual constructed” direction: He’s say… “wellll…” his eyes would slide up to his right, and he’d answer — that indicated he was making it up…the NLP chart isn’t set in stone… sometimes the person is “wired” in the opposite direction, but it’s an indicator…

    I try to discern what’s missing from the report, “reading between the lines and listening to what’s NOT being said, as Ann Curry, in a very astonishing departure from her regular news report, once entreated Today Show viewers to do (one time, just one time, but I caught it — did anybody else?)… etc. But I’ve done this for years… long before 9/11… and did it with intense interest on 9/11 and thereafter… VERY USEFUL practice.

    So, for that, I miss TV… But I agree, Paul… stop supporting the networks.

  • Paul

    There may have been a time when reporting the truth was the right thing to do, the moral thing to do, but that time seems to be history now.
    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it”…
    News organizations today forfeit truth for profit, lies for dollars.
    Reporters are more concerned with keeping their jobs than they are about reporting the truth and that is truly a shame, for so many reporters have died in the past seeking the truth.
    “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” T.J.
    If you don’t like that these networks(ABC,NBC,CNN,FOX,MSNBC) are lying to you, STOP WATCHING (I have), it’s that simple. Stop watching these news channels and you will see how fast they will change their tune and start reporting the truth as news.
    When their ratings drop, their profit margins drop and they will do anything to get you back, even tell you the truth, so…..
    Stop giving them your time and money if you want them to stop lying to you. Stop feeding these vultures. Demand the truth by tuning out..

  • Marianna

    Has this interview actually aired on ABC? Wonder what it looked like when they finished cutting it up into their inevitable soundbytes

    Denial is such a funny thing… it’s fascinating to watch the reporter’s face, so smug and single-minded, trying to maintain his line of questioning, truly the devil’s advocate — here he is, in front of the camera… here he is, the performance (maintenence) of his job being the all-important thing, the eyes of the world upon him, unrelenting, his facade not cracking …. The media has maintained the party line so long…danced around the truth so long… and the longer they play-act, the more the myth within them is self-perpetuated … they can’t allow themselves to consider the spectre of what THEIR having perpetuated this lie says about them as human beings, so they shunt it back into denial and self-justification, which further perpetuates the myth within them.

    (It was such a relief to hear the whispered voice-over of our former CBS anchor in the last couple of editions of Loose Change expressing his distress over the turn our government and the coverage of events by the media, had taken …somebody… SOMEBODY in the media who sees things as they are, and — at least now — can speak for it…)

  • Kelly

    I am very happy that young people are leading the fight for truth. As Jesus said “I tell you the truth…” nothing good can come out of deception.

    I pray that God leads this country back to its constitutional roots before its too late.

  • Thomi Horath

    I feel those two filmmakers are a bit in danger. Perhaps we can help them a bit in spreading this article as far as possible. The more people know, the less sense it makes to kill these filmmakers. Please spread that interview. If we reach the critical mass of “truthers”, we may get through the wall of lies. Cheers! ;)

  • http:// Erik Kamfjord

    Very nice stuff, but what’s up with the sports-metaphors? Personally, I prefer ‘educates’ over ‘slams’.

    • JF Ranger

      In this case, “to slam” is inspired by its slang version, which means “a harsh or devastating criticism.” The verb is used in sports but is not a sports-only word. In a non-slang version of the word, the definition would be something like “to hit or strike with force.” Both work. And when you watch the interview, you see that they didn’t try to educate the ABC News reporter – and the media in general – but they really criticized his questions and his work very clearly and directly.

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