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Mathieu Kassovitz, Jean-Marie Bigard, Éric Laurent, Niels Harrit

Historic 9/11 Debate with Bigard, Laurent, Kassovitz and Harrit on French TV

France 2 backs away from real debate, censors Niels Harrit and Éric Laurent

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You have until October 28 to learn French because French TV France 2′s L’objet du scandalewith Guillaume Durand will air a historic debate over the official version of the 9/11 events.

On one side: 4 people with the hard task to defend the official version. On the other side, Jean-Marie BigardMathieu Kassovitz, Éric Laurent and special guest Niels Harrit will tell France and the world why they don’t support the official theory and why they find it disturbing.

This is already a victory for the Bigard/Kassovitz camp who challenged the French media to organize a fair debate over 9/11 after being vilified by many French journalists because of their positions on 9/11. They have been called many names and even received death threats. But no serious journalist was able to challenge them on their positions and to seriously make a case against them based on facts. Now will be their chance, and like Bigard mentions in the below video, “good luck to them.”

This is also a victory for the 9/11 truth movement because the official US government conspiracy theory is supposedly not debatable. That’s what Bush said. That’s also what Obama said many times. The very fact of having a real open public debate, wherever that is, proves that the subject is debatable. And it needs to be debatable. The day we stop debating important topics is the day we surrender freedom. Not only is it debatable, but the 9/11 truth movement is growing faster than ever — worldwide — and nothing will stop it.

We hope a fair public debate will soon move to the US media as well. Pundits recently backed away from Charlie Sheen’s offer of a fair public debate on CNN’s Larry King. Are they scared they won’t be able to defend the official conspiracy theory?

This time Bigard and Kassovitz will both be in very good company. Éric Laurent, great reporter and international politics specialist wrote a book in 2004 called La face cachée du 11 septembre” (lit: the hidden face of September 11). He also wrote books about the Kosovo war, the banking system, oil, Iran, along with the worldwide acclaimed Bush’s Secret World: Religion, Big Business and Hidden Networks. Laurent appeared on the French TV talk show “Tout le monde en parle” with Thierry Ardisson in 2003, in which he defended his book on 9/11 in a 32 minute interview. A great interview, with great questions and a fair treatment. Laurent knows about 9/11 inside and out.

As if these three were not enough to create a very powerful debate over 9/11, a special guest will join their rank. Niels Harrit, is the lead author of the 2009 published scientific paper entitled Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe along with scientists Kevin Ryan and Steven E. Jones. It will be Harrit’s first appearance on French TV.

We wish good luck to all participants and we can’t wait to see this debate. Most of all, we really would appreciate those who will defend the official theory to actually try to support their claims with real arguments instead of throwing names at their opponents. Calling us Holocaust deniers won’t help your cause. The Holocaust was real. Rwanda was real. And if there is one thing you should learn from these horrible events is that questioning the power structures is a sign of health in a society. So get over it, we’ve heard you say it many times over and just between us, you look anything but intelligent when you hide behind this mask.

We will try to post the video here with English subtitles as soon as we can after the debate.

Jean-Marie Bigard announcing the 9/11 debate

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  • Ynda20

    So is there a copy of the debate with english subtitles yet? Who can we press in the UK for a similar debate?

  • Vincent


    I gave for exposure to this in French there on my blog:

  • wayne

    To George Hook (the truth about 911 is coming out, don’t miss your opportunity and duty to be the first Irish media outlet to expose the truth)
    Some questions for you to ponder about 911

    How did the airplanes hit their targets with no military intervention?

    Where is the planes wreckage at Shanksville? try to find any plane wreckage via youtube news footage of the day.

    Why did the WTC’s collapse and why in that fashion? if not through controlled demolition.

    Why did WTC 7 fall down in the same fashion as the Twin Towers, two airplanes knock down three buildings?

    How did Giulliani know the towers were going to fall down?

    Larry Siverstein said the decision was made to pull WTC 7, by who? Does it not take many days to set up the detonators? How did they pull the building so quickly if the explosives weren’t already in place?

    Why did Bush’s secret service allow him to stay in a classroom full of kids when the country was under attack? Did they know he wasn’t a target?

    How come the hole in the pentagon is so small cosidering a commercial airliner flew into it and yet again the wreckage disappeared.

    Look at airplane crashes on the internet and see the visible plane wreckage compared to the pentagon and shanksville?

    Go on George!

    George Hook is a radio presenter in Ireland on Newstalk, i sent him the link to the French debate as well as above in an effort to goad him into doing something on 911. He’s probably the only presenter who might do something that’s why i’ve chosen him to be “peoples champion” that he portrays himself to be. We’ll see!

    • Jonny

      Yeah I suppose George Hook is about the only Irish media personality to do something like that.. Maybe. Come to think of it, don’t forget that crazzy-ass right-wing (frighteningly ignorant) American that he always seems to have with him during his radio shows (and at one time that I remember, covered for George when he was away). That dude might actually resist the 9/11 debate being aired with everything he can. I even remember once he mentioned the 9/11 Truthers on air and branded them as kooks.. So, there you go. I’d actually be very surprised if George manages to do something like a 9/11 debate anytime soon on the Irish airwaves!

  • Joseph A. Nagy

    Thanks to world for 9/11 truth & those who are
    speaking out for disclosure & a real investigation
    I’m becoming a beleiver in the 9/11 conspiracy theory
    but recently I’ve had an encounter with the past in
    my own city that has convinced me that the USA
    Government is covering some things up. Though I
    supported the war, especially when I thought Islam
    was to blame only but i no longer do.

    I’m a white person from Canada. So I will say this…

    In my city in Canada a Native Cheif was shot by
    a white cop back in 1988 & the police quickly
    closed the investigation without interviewing
    eyewitnesses or doing any formal investigation.
    It is a famouse case of racism & cover up which
    resulted in a protest movement & a formal citzines
    inquiry & a legal challenge that lasted over a
    decade; until finally a police lieutenant & the
    cop who commited the crime both committed suicide
    & were found guilty of a cover up & a street
    execution of an innocent person. A justice
    Inquirey that examined the case concluded it
    was a cover up of an act of racial hate.
    According to my friend who is one of the relatives
    of the vicitim, The cop killed himself because he
    was HAUNTED by the memory of it.

    It was the JJ Harper shooting & led to animosity &
    gang violence & more police brutality in my city!

    I fear if the world does not know the whole truth
    about 9/11 it will haunt us all around the globe &
    result in a Global suicide. Those who cover up the
    facts must be brought to justice & brought down &
    out of their positions!

    The consequences for not challenging the mainstream
    view could be catosrophic. All the worlds peoples
    rights to information & absolution is being denied

  • Darius

    They’re going to straw-man it. Just watch. It’ll go one of two ways: the “911 truthers” will win and it’ll be the beginning of the Blame America era or the 911 truthers’ll purposefully lose the argument in order to negate the truth’s credibility. Their tricks are too easy to predict. . . . I hope, however, that no shenanigans exist.

  • Donna Free

    Is there any chance we could get English subtitles for the announcement of the debate?

    • JF Ranger

      A video of the debate will be available shortly after October 28, which is when the debate will be aired in France. The folks at will work hard to make it happen quickly.

      • Donna Free

        I just like to know what he is saying in the video above. The announcement of the debate on the 28th. Any link to it with English subtitles?

        • JF Ranger

          No, I don’t know any video with English subtitles for this one. Bigard basically explains what happened to him since he came out against the official story about one year ago. After he details it, he confirms the debate on France 2 with Kassovitz, Harrit and Laurent.

  • JiPé

    On 9/15/2009, film maker Mathieu Kassovitz talks about 9/11 in the Frédéric Taddeï’s show on french television. Now the english subtitled version of the show is available at

  • wayne

    There is no debating 911, whoever tries to defend the offical story has no chance of doing so and will look like a fool, that’s why there is no debating allowed in the US media, they know this. However i think the bigger picture with 911 was maybe that the US realised they needed to get aggressive in attaining oil for their country and so sacrificed the people on 911 as a reason to get the oil America needs for it’s way of life. I hope thats why the Gov did 911 rather than just individuals own greed. The film 3 Days of the Condor touched on this in the seventies, it’s no excuse for what they did but it might be the reason why the politicians and media are covering it up and the foot soldiers who actually carried out the attacks were persuaded to do so, it’s for the greater good, was probably what they were told. I could be wrong but i think this is the only rational reason for 911.

    • jana

      there is maybe another reason…

      israeli involment …

      after being released five Mossad operatives /”movers” arrested in New Jersey on 9/11/ appeared on Israeli TV and openly admitted that their “purpose had been to document the event”

    • jana

      CIA, Mossad and ISI /Pakistan/ … they are involved…it is obvious…

      ISI had paid M. Atta 100 000 dollars before the attack…

      “P. Zelikow G.W. Bush, D. Cheyney, G. Rice, D. Rumsfeld, L. Silverstein on lie-detector”… was written on my poster “9/11PRESSForTruth on CT” was written on the other… “WTC7…”…

      I was a participant of the March for 9/11Truth on 9/11/2009

      we arrived to Czech TV – with films and photos on DVD… with our petition…

  • Bob

    Extensive re-coverage of 911 will do nothing but continue to obfuscate matters.

    All other aspects of those events pale in importance to the obvious controlled demolition of WTC-7.

    Talk show hosts, bloggers, ‘truthers’ have been deployed specifically to re-direct away from WTC-7.

    Watch it happen again here!

    Au revoir et bonne chance!


  • Dana

    What I have found most troubling of all, in the years since 9.11, is the “in-your-face-ness” of the act. Surely the perpetrators / government can only have anticipated that forensic evidence would punch barn-size holes in *any* theory they might offer, much less that of 19 Arabs armed with box-cutters.

    In the mean time, they got what they wanted: two bloody wars, with many more in the works, and a blanket ‘global war on Islam’ … er, ‘terrorism’, which would enable the US and its ‘coalition of the willing’ [industrialized nations] to procede simultaneously to capture Central Asian energy resources and lock Russia and China, the US’s primary competitors, out of the game. — 9.11 amounted to a global psychological coup. The PTB don’t give a flying damn, now, who knows what. They’re on a roll, notably to render US foreign debt immaterial. What’s China going to do when its vulnerable, shipping-based energy imports are subjected to a strangle-hold by the US & Consorts? What can Russia do, with its antiquated military infrastructure?

    As much as I laud France 2′s initiative, the results of the debate [if ever it is actually aired] aren’t likely to make a hoot of difference. It’s important to keep in mind that the French government is a full partner in Western imperialism and that its media are just as controlled as those of the US. The Sarkozy regime wouldn’t allow a tv program that had the potential to undermine the West’s objectives in any significant way.

    If the debate *is* in fact aired, it will mean that the “deciders” couldn’t care less.

    I hope I’m wrong. Sorry to be such a wet blanket. Cheers, from France.

  • regina dobson

    I’m learning as fast as I can ~ lol ~ “la` famile’ a trois” ~ I am trying to say “the Three Families” ~ they are mine ~ me ~ for 1) my friends and loved ones ~
    for 2) and my spirit world of support for 3) they all make up what makes it possible to do the work I am called to do ~ thank You for letting me have a voice to speak to our World Citizens ~ We together CAN and WILL Heal this planet that We ALL So LOVE ~~ peace to YOU ~~
    :-) regina in Portland,Oregon USA
    Planet Earth ~~

  • Lenny

    Democracy Now! hosted by Amy Goodman held a debate between the Loose Change producers and the editor of Popular Mechanics, who decisively lost his ass. It lasted the whole show and can be seen in the archives on the web. By the way, the magazine article called Debunking 9/11 Lies was attributed to the nephew of Bush’s boy at Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff. It’s a very satisfying show to watch.

  • Chris Sarns

    Thank you Jean-Marie Bigard.

    Once again we look to France for critical and perhaps pivotal help in a revolution.

    God bless and keep you for coming to our aid in our struggle to take back our country.

    A very grateful American
    Chris Sarns

  • Richard

    Thank you, France!
    I wish I knew your language…

  • Baptiste –

    Nice! All french citizen big up Bigard, Kassovitz and all truthers. Thx for this fight.

  • nik green

    This is a potentially huge breakthrough. The corporate media have rendered discussion/debate on 9/11 a taboo, because they know full well that the official fairytale is as untenable as the “flat earth” theory. The difficulty the show’s organizers face, will be in finding 4 people who can put up a successful defense of the “19 hijackers and a-man-in-a-cave” conspiracy yarn, and who are willing to publicly go up against 4 experts who have a truckload of unanswered questions, and some very difficult evidence to explain away, on their side.

    If this debate goes ahead on French TV, no matter what, we need to get this translated and subtitled (into all the main languages) ASAP and spread all over the rest of the world’s media.

  • Le Mezicien

    Depuis le temps que j’attendais ça :D
    Je regarderais l’émission bien sur. ;)

  • Kayron Mercieca

    Simply brilliant!
    My wife knows French so I can get her to translate to English/Spanish. I will wait to see it here with subtitles. It makes me very, very happy to see the truth popping out for the whole world to see. What the government has done there and continues to do even internationally, disgusts me.

  • Andrew Findlay

    Bravo to the French media! Let’s hope this is the catalyst for televised debates in US/UK/Aus/etc…

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