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Interview with Niels Harrit and Cyntia McKinneyFrench Journalists Interview Cynthia McKinney and Niels Harrit

This is something you have not yet seen in any US media. French independent media La Télé Libre interviews two of the most prominent 9/11 truth activists, Cynthia McKinney and Niels Harrit. To understand the context of the interview, you need to know what is happening in France right now, because 9/11 is surely becoming a hot topic.

A year ago, French comedian Jean-Marie Bigard publicly questionned the official 9/11 story on a popular TV show and said a new investigation is needed. That was enough for him to be called a revisionist by a myriad of journalists and he even received many death threats along the way. Nine months later, Bigard came back on the topic, but this time he went as far as creating 11 videos in which he uses humor to ask questions about disturbing elements of the 9/11 Commission report. He is invited on several TV shows to talk about this and each time he gets vilified by journalists.

Recently, actor and director Mathieu Kassovitz also questioned the foundations of the official version of 9/11 in another TV show. He got the same treatment from the French press.

Both Mathieu Kassovitz and Jean-Marie Bigard will debate this hot topic on France 2 this October 28th (we will post a video of this show as soon as we receive it). Originally, France 2 was supposed to air a debate including two other people who also question the official story: Éric Laurent and Niels Harrit. A few days before the debate, France 2 announces that Harrit and Laurent are excluded from the debate.

One important question remains and journalists from La Télé Libre ask it: in a free society, can we question the official version of 9/11?

Interview: Cynthia McKinney and Niels Harrit

The following is an article by La Télé Libre and freely translated in English by

Eight years after the attacks that devastated the American soil, having doubts is still scandalous. As more and more people around the world challenge the the official story of this event, the public expression of doubts is now sacrilegious. Depending on the social rank that you will occupy, it will be worth, at best, chuckles by some ignorant people, or at worst, the adversity of opponents determined to avoid a debate on the subject.

Both an audiovisual laboratory and an opposing force, La Télé Libre, to the contrary, is openly inscribed in this question: for two years they have met some of those who offer a different point of view on 9/11. Whether it is theorists convinced of a military-industrial complex plot like Webster Tarpley, journalists who somehow or other try to stand up for the the government’s version like Guillaume Dasquiné, Web 2.0 activists of, the architect and speaker Richard Gage, AIA, or artists expressing their doubts like Mathieu Kassovitz, all reflect a growing interrogation in the public opinion regarding the traditional narrative of the 9/11 attacks.

9/11 coming out

Recently, in Paris, a conference entitled Vers la vérité was organized by those who, coming from different horizons, share the same goal: a new 9/11 investigation. For 3 days, and particularly during a special evening in which a screening of the 9/11 documentary Zero: An investigation into 9/11 took place, simple citizens had the chance to meet with political, scientific and artistic figures. We went for an interview with two of them who both testify in their area of expertise, of an overt will to engage into alerting citizens on the official version anomalies and discrepancies.

Former US Congresswoman, representative with the Democratic Party for twelve years and candidate in the 2008 Presidential elections with the Green Party, Cynthia McKinney, a dissent figure by excellence of the political life in the US, talks with us about the importance of understanding the whole story of the Bush administration to better grasp the nature of 9/11.

On her side, creating an iconoclast duo, Danish scientist Niels Harrit, also told us about his downright rejection of the official version, and more precisely of the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, a government agency mandated to study the collapse of the towers), going as far as detailing evidence  that, in his opinion, allow to declare that the 3 towers — and not 2 — that collapsed on 9/11 in New York City were knowingly part of a premeditated controlled-demolition.

This chemist was recently in the news for having co-authored a controversial study asserting the presence of explosive substances in the dust of the World Trade Center (nanothermite). The man that we had the opportunity to interview lengthily is definitely the one by which scandals happen: recently announced to be part of the Guillaume Durand’s TV show on France 2 on Wednesday October 28, to discuss the topic with opponents, the scientist was unexpectedly asked to stay home in Copenhagen, his presence being judged inconvenient

Original article in French available at

Report by Hicham Hamza
Interviews with John Paul Lepers
Images: Hicham Hamza and Matthieu Martin
Editing: Olivier Joube

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  • D Costa

    Honorable Cynthia McKinney and Niels Harrit thank you. 9/11 truth seekers and the entire world deserve to know the truth. This is a human right violtion. Congratulations to Architects and Engineers, Pilots and Military members, Fire officers etc and all those people across the globe that are supporting them.

  • James

    Hell is waiting for you, Bush and Dick!

  • Donna Free

    The video only goes 11:17 in then it stops! Help! I want to see the rest of it! Won’t someone do something! Think of the children! :O

  • brian

    a little known feature of the 911 attacks is the presence of mossad agents in plane site of the towers, hi=fiving the event:

    The Dancing israelis, there to as they said: ‘document the event’.

  • http://WRH O’Guillory

    If you like the above post, I’ve written a memoir about growing up in the perfect, fucking Amercian suburb….so look for it,…it’s called….Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family Living in the Perfect American Suburb…
    …, written under then name of Robert O’Guillory…….
    ……if you want to know why America has been fucked by these people, just read what it was like to grow up a fucking baby-boomer and you will get it….

  • X

    Hi, Mom, this is Mark Bingham. You believe me don’t you?

  • Boris

    Madame la “guillotine” in Time Square???

  • Jacobins Eat Cake

    Nearly 200 years to the decade- The Illuminati needs to have THEIR heads guillotined. The False Flag rumor WMDs against Marie Antoinette are still believed, with the orginal perps now controlling MSM in the modern age. Incredible.

  • Bernie

    The mass murder of 3,000 innocent people in broad daylight is without doubt the crime of the century. Questioning 911 is akin to holocaust denial. It’s a taboo. But truth will out, When it does the perpetrators, and I suspect this will include the media screamers who know damn well 911 was an INSIDE JOB, may well find themselves standing in front of the firing squad with the others who carried it out and made it possible.

  • wayne

    The dam won’t break i’m afraid, the 911 debate will be ignored by the powers in America, there’s no going back it’s too big, Afghanistan, Iraq, now Pakistan later Iran then maybe Russia and China, there’s a pattern here and 911 is only a small part of a bigger picture. If you look into 911 you’ll then see the Bilderberg Group, then Obama Deception then you’ll see the Secret societies that have run America for years, then you’ll see Bohemian grove and Skull and Bones then you’ll see that the US gov is run by satanists and has been for years crazy as that seems, then you’ll figure it out!

  • jinnie

    Buildings dont explode like volcanos and turn into fine powdery dust without help .

    • Jim

      You are right that buildings do not turn into fine powdery dust without help — from exotic technology. THAT is what Niels Harrit and Steven Jones are trying desperately to cover ups with their fairy tale about nano thermite. Yes, the military has nanothermite; they use it to burn paper (in case of enemy invation to protect top-secret documents). So why was so much unburned paper fluttering all over Manhattan that day???

      Why were cars flipped upside down? Why were there cylindrical holes cut through adjacent buildings? What caused spontaneous combustion of cars 1/2 mile away? THESE are questions that need answering, not covering up!

      Why is Richard Gage, Steven Jones and Niels Harrit covering up this technology?

      Why did Steven Jones’s submission to NIST NOT contain ANY mention of his so called “thermite evidence”? Answer: Perhaps he knows he would be charged with treason if he did.

      • JF Ranger

        Jones and Harrit both say there were – most probably – other explosives used as well. Nanothermite can be used as an explosive.

        As is obvious from a review of the literature on energetic materials, thermite-based pyrotechnics can be engineered to have explosive power similar to conventional high-explosives while providing greater energy density and much greater stability. Thus, aluminothermic cutter charges similar to the shaped charges used in commercial demolitions are entirely feasible. However, a variety of forms of thermite might be used to demolish a steel-framed skyscraper in a way that uses no cutter charges at all… (

        Very fancy military papers if they require such an exotic and highly advanced incendiary. How do you explain the molten iron found in the basement of all 3 towers? Gage, Jones, Harrit and a lot more people ask for a new investigation to shed some light into this nanothermite findings. NIST never wanted to look for explosives, independent scientists did and they found it. They ask their work to be reviewed in an independent new investigation. It’s those who are against it that try to cover things up.

        Regarding the treasonous charges, perhaps we should look at NIST itself…

        Top 10 Connections Between NIST and Nanothermite

        • Jim

          You said, “Jones and Harrit both say there were – most probably – other explosives used as well. Nanothermite can be used as an explosive.”

          That means that neither Jones nor Harrit have a clue as to what destroyed the WTC. No wonder they have not filed any legal cases. They have no evidence of anything.

          Why don’t we just go with what has been proved and has already been submitted in a court case? …unless the objective here is to cover up the truth.

          • JF Ranger

            Harrit and Jones are scientists, not lawyers. But don’t worry, the movement is pushing in this direction. Wouldn’t it be the role of the Department of Justice to order a new investigation to find out why nanothermite was present in the towers? Wouldn’t it start to resemble to the beginning of the start of justice? Isn’t it our responsibility to know what happened? It’s easy to just blame it on others, to say they know ‘nothing’ simply because they didn’t solve the entire problem. It’s much harder to be on the front line and carry the weight of justice on your shoulders, like they do, when it’s not your role in the first place. “They have no evidence of anything.” …. Pay attention, they do.

  • Thomi Horath

    What will happen when more than 50% of the people believe the truth? Revolution? or Massacre?

    • JF Ranger


      • Jacobins Eat Cake

        No a pandemic to shut them up or a Holocaust ‘denier’ stigma to put them behind bars.

  • Edward Rynearson

    May 28, 2009 – KMPH Fox 26 – Fresno, CA
    Richard Gage on Mainstream TV: Is the Dam Beginning to Break?

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