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9/11 France Poll

France: 58% Doubt the Official 9/11 Version, Only 14% Know About Building 7

A giant U.S. flag is displayed in front of the Eiffel tower during a solemn tribute to the victims of the 9/11 attacks on September 11, 2011, at the Trocadero square in Paris. (Miguel Medina/AFP/Getty Images)

By, Edited by | September 17, 2011

Ten years after, how do the French perceive the events of September 11, 2001? With the support of its members and sympathizers, the French association ReOpen911 has commissioned a survey on the subject by an independent organization and have published their results on September 9. 

To this date, two surveys of this type have been made available in France: one by “TNS Sofres/Logica” for the French newsmagazine “NouvelObs” and another by World Public Opinion which was conducted in France as well as in 16 other countries. These surveys, which date back to September 2008, are already three years old, and the questions asked at the time do not measure the degree of skepticism of the population regarding the official story of the 9/11 Commission and the Bush administration.

For this reason, the French association ReOpen911 requested an opinion poll by HEC Junior Consulting. The official junior company of the business school HEC Paris, HEC Junior Consulting was ranked first in its sector by the newsmagazine “Expansion” in 2009. The school has also been a finalist for the CNJI award for excellence every year since 2004. The survey was conducted in June 2011 based on a cross-section sample of the French population [1].

This survey is very revealing about the opinion of the French on the subject of 9/11.

Original article in French / Article original en français :

Poll Results Summary Poll Results

Key results:

  • 58% of the French population express doubts about the official version, compared to only 31% who express no doubts.
  • Only 14% know that three towers collapsed on September 11, 2001.
  • Nearly half of French respondents (49%) believe that US authorities may have let the attacks occur.
  • One third (34%) believe that some US authorities may have been involved in the attacks.
  • 49% are favorable to opening an independent inquiry to determine more about the events.
  • Only 28% consider that the media have informed the public about September 11 in the fullest possible manner.


Poll Questions


Question 1: Would you say that 9/11 is still a topical issue?

ReOpen911 Poll Results

Remarkably, ten years after the event, 65% of the French population consider that 9/11 is still a topical issue.

Despite the announced death of Bin Laden, the repatriation of troops from Iraq and the expected repatriation of troops from Afghanistan, the uprisings in the Arab world and a highly eventful 2011 in general (financial crisis, Fukushima disaster, etc.), the French do not consider the issue out-of-date.

Question 2: Do you believe the Bush administration said everything it knew about the 9/11 attacks?

ReOpen911 Poll Results

The well-known reporter, Eric Laurent, author of a deep inquiry into the subject, spoke of 911 as “a collection of lies, surrounded by mystery” (France 2 television program “On a tout Essayé”, October 12, 2004, 01:35 min). Today, 72% of the French believe that the Bush administration has not said everything it knew about the events. 

In comparison, a survey conducted in Germany by “TNS Emnid” for the magazine “Welt der Wunder” posed the following question: 

Do you believe that the US government told the entire truth about the 2001 attacks?

French HEC survey: No; 72%, Yes; 15.6%
German TNS survey: No; 89.5%, Yes; 9.2%

The percentage is significantly higher in Germany where 89.5% of the population believe the US government did not tell the entire truth. This is also the opinion in the US where, as early as 2006, 81% of the population believed that the administration was not telling the entire truth. (CBS News / New York Times poll, October 2006) [2].

Question 3: What is your opinion of the official version of the attacks on September 11?

ReOpen911 Poll Results

58% of those surveyed express doubts about the official version, compared to only 31% who accept it as the truth.

In a context where public expression of doubt, even when expressed cautiously, is met with violent opposition, 58% is a surprising score. Although a majority of the French population is skeptic, skeptics are generally presented in a negative light and as being a tiny majority by the media.

It is worth pointing out that skepticism concerning the official version of 9/11 is increasing significantly in France. Skeptics, who comprised only between 20% and 30% of the French population surveyed in 2008 (based on two surveys from September 2008), comprise 58% three years later. 

The number of persons in France expressing serious doubts is however smaller than those in the US where, as early as 2006, 28% believed that the members of the Bush administration had “all lied” (CBS News / New York Times poll, October 2006) [2], compared to 12% in France in 2011.

Question 4: How many towers collapsed on September 11, 2001?

Open question (responders were not prompted) 

ReOpen911 Poll Results

Only 14% of the French population know that three towers fell on 9/11.

A comparative analysis between question 3 and question 4 shows that people who know about the collapse of World Trade Center 7 are more incline to express doubts about the official version than those who don’t know about this building.

To learn more about the collapse of the third tower, see 9/11: New 15-Minute Documentary You Have To See.

Question 5: During the last few years, would you say the media have tended to:

ReOpen911 Poll Results

Only 28% of French respondents consider that the media informed the public about September 11 in the fullest possible manner. 

Much can be learned by comparing this information with the results of TNS Sofres / La Croix de 2011 study which reveal that 40% of the French population believe that the quality of media is deteriorating as opposed to 21% who believe it is improving. 

Question 6: Do you think that US authorities were informed in advance of the attacks and let the attacks occur?

See the results in the chart under question 7.

Question 7: Do you think that parts of the US authorities were involved in carrying out the attacks?

ReOpen911 Poll Results

Nearly half of those surveyed (49%) believe that US authorities may have let the attacks occur. 

A third of those surveyed (34%) believe that some US authorities may have been involved in carrying out the attacks.

Question 8: Would you be favorable toward opening:

• an in-depth public debate on the events of 9/11?

• an independent inquiry to find out more about these events?

ReOpen911 Poll Results

It should also be noted here that almost half (48%) of all New Yorkers are favorable to opening a new inquiry on the collapse of building 7 (Stena Research Institute survey, May 2011).


(1) Survey conducted from June 6 to 24, 2011 using a cross-section sample of the French population, (500 people interviewed by telephone). By comparison, the World Public Opinion survey was conducted with 600 French respondents.

(2) (CBS News / New York Times poll, October 2006) The exact question and possible answers were: Concerning September 11 and the US intelligence service, “do you think that the members of the Bush administration are telling you the truth, are mainly telling the truth but hiding something, or are simply lying to you?”. 

Are telling the truth: 16%
Are mainly telling the truth but hiding something: 53%
Are simply lying: 28%
No opinion: 3%

Your Comments

  • Enrico Napolitano

    ….The controlled demolitions of the World Trade Center Towers and the WTC Building Seven on 9/11 WAS A INSIDE JOB, organised orchestrated and executed by the US government to find out a excuse for the ILLEGAL/CRIMINAL invasion of IRAQ……..

  • Enrico Napolitano

    On 9/11/2001 the controlled demolition of the world trade center  buildings  was a INSIDE JOB, organised orchestrated and executed by the US government to find out a excuse for the illegal/criminal invasion of Iraq

  • L. T.

    What does the billboard say, come and play come and play forget about the movement. Rage Against the Machine lyrics. These lyrics may stand for a paticular group of people, but I think they apply hear. If the government can keep us occupied with our own wants and needs then we the people will except what ever they tell us. Most people don’t care about 911 the way they should. Americans care about baseball,. apple pie and chevrolet. They don’t want to go through the pain that is involved in finding the truth. As long as I can keep my job and bills are paid why bother. Well they are puppets to a much greater evil and the truth has to be told. I have not heard of any of this until recently. I was so caught up in what was good and fun for me. I am truly sorry that I have let the people down who were involved in 911. I am truly sorry that I have allowed myself to be dumbed by the television and media. I will take further action to right my wrongs and speak up for truth. I will become active in organizations that want the truth no matter how unpopular they may seem. I regret that I did not discover this sooner and I apologize to all that have suffered. May we one day live in a world that is full of peace and compassion. L. T.

  • Megamcron
  • Mark H

    As the former spouse of a statistical researcher and analyst I know that these polls can be skewed to get the desired results.  OTOH, to the extent that this one is at all objective it’s a hopeful sign for the 9/11 truth movement in that it points to increasing skepticism abroad about the official conspiracy story (lies) and the decreasing strangle hold of the corporate controlled media.

    • Chayyath

      I’m not much for polls either…I just looked at the evidence…the videos of Building 7 alone, are a testament of controlled demolition…it fell at freefall speed…not possible without explosives…all 3 towers’ concrete…pulverized to a fine talcum powder…not possible without use of explosives.  All I required to see was Building 7…a fireproof building made of concrete and steel…like my own building…they don’t fall at freefall speed from a few office fires and produce molten metal that lasts for 21 days…again, not possible by nature.  All laws of physics broke down for all 3 towers… including gravity…I don’t think so.
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