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Former Utah Congressman Merrill Cook Supports 9/11 Investigation into Building 7 and the FAAFormer Utah Congressman Merrill Cook Supports 9/11 Investigation into Building 7 and the FAA

We Are Change Utah talks with Former Congressman and current U.S. Senate Candidate Merrill Cook.

After the Senatorial Discussions event, members of We Are Change Utah decided to talk to Merrill Cook about 9/11, the Federal Reserve, and the Bilderberg group. Surprisingly he was very candid and forthcoming with us. Merill recognized a number of unanswered questions into 9/11, including WTC Building 7 and the FAA irregularities.

So just to be clear, you would support an investigation into Building 7 and the FAA irregularities?

“Oh absolutely! They got investigated but they didn’t come out with any satisfactory explanations. So I want those explanations here. I want them clear, I want them put forth, not only before the Congress, but the American people. And we haven’t got close to that yet.�?

“We have so many questions still left there. It undermines the governments credibility.�?

Interview with U.S. Senate Candidate Merrill Cook by We Are Change Utah

Merrill was a United States Congressman for four years, representing Utah’s 2nd Congressional District.

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  • Erik Kamfjord

    We all know the NIST-final report is completely useless. What investigation is it he thinks is fine?

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