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FAKE New Building 7 Video

World911Truth.org  | September 15, 2011

A new FAKE short Building 7 video showing very clear explosions appeared on the Web recently and is going viral, so we have decided to warn you about it.

We think this video was released with the clear intention to hurt the 9/11 truth movement’s credibility and this is why we are publishing this article.  Do not spread the video around.

New Fake Building 7 Video

Why is this video 100% Fake? 

We could just tell you right away. But in the case that it happens again, let’s ask ourselves important questions first.

Why would such video come out after 10 years?  A real credible source would have released more than a few seconds of video (a few minutes at least, to prove it’s real), and it would not have been edited. Especially for a video showing clear explosions. 

Important points showing us this is a fake:

  • Video too short
  • No source to corroborate it
  • Blurry / Fuzzy / Jerky / Digitally zoomed
  • The poster took another Building 7 footage, edited and mirror-inverted it. (side-by-side comparison with original footage) 
  • The audio explosion seems to be dubbed in, and the overall audio is of very poor quality.
  • Last but not least, the poster of the video even took time to add a “flying saucer” which can be seen at 0:15 and 0:30 in the video (on top of the building). This is subtle and most people won’t see it while watching the video only a few times. But it’s there. 

This Building 7 video is a fake and spreading it as suggested in the video is a bad idea. 

Moving on…

REAL Building 7 Video, Made By Real Experts

If you want to see real video and real evidence of controlled demolition, made by experts, then take a look at this 15-minute mini-doc by AE911Truth. This is the video we have to spread around!

Remember Building 7.

Your Comments

  • Roberto

    Gave it a thumb down on YouTube.

  • Davetherooster22

    So why do you think they keep finding tiny pieces of bone fragments on the roofs of buildings even today? If it was a pan cake collapse there would be none of this. The tiny bone fragments came from the use of HIGH EXPLOSIVES.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lehualani-Exel/100002466672747 Lehualani Exel

    You got to be kidding me. The MSM has no problem to spread lies based on ‘unknown’ sources. The question can only be: ‘Whose side are you on?’
    That a video surfaces only years later can have a many reasons. One of them being unaware of what one was filming (believing the official story), recording the collapse of a high rise building after it had burned out for a few hours…
    What if the videographer had prior knowledge? To know when to hit the REC button is crucial while filming. There is no pan towards the building. The building is already in the center.
    Last but not least, why don’t you match this video against video’s of the controlled demolition of high rise buildings? Same thing. Charge cutting columns in order to enable the building to collapse into its own footprint.
    Video quality? You really take it to the next level here. There are so many blurry and fuzzy videos pertaining 9/11 out there and nobody ever found that to be a problem.

    To conclude this, why in heavens name don’t you take this video and have it independently (Europe) analyzed for editing? That is quite simple if you have the software to detect tiny variances in pixelation. NO video/movie can be edited without leaving traces. Maybe your government has a lab to do that?
    Until then I would be careful to discredit this video. It may well fly back into your face.

  • Chemtrailkook

    WHO said it is a fake – names? This looks real to me – back side shot of the demo job.

  • Chemtrailkook

    WHO said it is a fake – names? This looks real to me – back side shot of the demo job.

  • Chemtrailkook

    http://www.whorush.com/search/whois:world911truth.org this is the WHOIS data for this site – opened in 2009 – looks fishy to me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robhughes10304 Rob Hughes

    Explain the UFO wizzing over the top! 

  • Anonymous

    I shot JFK.

  • Anonymous

    mfw if all of you would focus attention on our poor economy instead of your looney conspiracy theories.the world would be a better place

  • http://twitter.com/livingparable livingparable

    Guys – one of the main giveaways that this video is a fake is this:

    - The symmetry of the supposed “cutter charges”, they are almost perfect rectangles. 
    - You can not show me a single real video of demolition that show neat rectangle holes being created on the side of the building while the cutter changes go off. 

    As I was writing this I realized that the video has already been removed from youtube apparently by the user. We hope that more videos of the collapse do surface that are legit and even further prove what we already have enough evidence of. This is not one of those videos. 

  • a01u439

    We aren’t in control of the economy smart guy.  Ask the Federal Reserve, the government and the corporations about that one..

  • Chemtrailkook

    well the video u embedded is now vapor – another shredded piece of evidence perhaps – outright censorship imho. Perhaps is a few minutes this post will vanish – the entire article - heck why not take down the whole fucking site. 

  • Princeofpeace2010

    It is a reverse shot left to right/right to left however, the explosion holes line up perfectly. Pause the video above at 0:01 and pause the new video at 0:32 to see the matching holes.

  • Defrank2000

    it can easily be a fake to discredit the movement why not , after 10 years it´s just hard to point out who´s on our side and who´s not within the movement , there are agencies nowadays using the good old propaganda techniques to mess the whole thing up , so we´ll have to wait until if ever the case it´ s reopened and let the true americans defend their freedom, still don´t know how long will that take

  • Chemtrailkook

    http://youtu.be/ENgAs2pIJhE – this one is still up – and u can watch it until “removed buy user” – realize that YT fking censors the shit out of its own site – I have downloaded teh original and am uploading onto multiple channels – fk them.

  • Princeofpeace2010

    Therefor it is NOT a fake video. Repeat, not a fake. Tower 7 was full of explosive charges placed by a demolition crew.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LS2VPHYXHCQ454XSXUTGO3I2FI Baa_Sheep

    The flying saucer that whizzes by at the top of the building is the biggest give away.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LS2VPHYXHCQ454XSXUTGO3I2FI Baa_Sheep

    The flying saucer that whizzes by at the top of the building is the biggest give away.

  • Chemtrailkook

    OOPS  - here it is again – liek a fucking mushroom – it keeps popping up - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GY0yWXGaKs

  • PrinceCoreyUE

    The world would be a better place if people like you with your head in the sand knew the truth so we could end this coup d’état once and for all. Apparently, it is up to us in the know to inform you, so listen instead of talking.

  • Stuartjfdow

    its been “removed by the user ” !

  • Sharon

    Thanks so much for exposing this video as a fake.  I had just seen it a few days ago when I was going over the different videos of 911 to see if I still was convinced of the demolitions, since so many millions of Americans, and much of my family, seem to just not want to know nor even to think about the possibility.  I hadn’t remembered seeing such vivid explosions in any of the buildings.  Now I know why.  And I think you could be spot on about the motivation behind this video — to discredit the 911 Truth movement when its fakery was discovered by critics and nay-sayers.  Another possibility, however, is that the author of the video is just a frustrated, zealous, if misguided, 911 Truther who thought they’d ramp up the “proof”.  I would say to that: We don’t need “enhanced” videos for that.  The more I see the real videos, the more OBVIOUS it is to me that those collapses are not “natural”, not “pancaked”, but demolitions.  I’m a Ph.D. biological scientist trained to evaluate and analyze data of all kinds, and the arguments and data presented by other scientists in the physical sciences have been very compelling, convincing and, of course, disturbing… 

  • James198320

    I emailed the user on youtube, and showed his this link, he has now renamed it, and said that it could be fake.

  • James198320

    I emailed this user on youtube, and showed gave him a link to this website. He has now changed the title and description of the video, to say that it could be fake.

  • James198320

    I emailed this user on youtube, and showed gave him a link to this website. He has now changed the title and description of the video, to say that it could be fake.

  • / World for 9/11 Truth

    The poster of this video has added a flying saucer in it that we can see twice when we don’t concentrate on explosions. Yes, WTC 7 is a controlled demolition but this is a FAKE.

  • Dogsgethigh

    The symmetry of the “cutter charges” have nothing to do with the questionable aspects of this faked video. The “cutter charges” you refer to are seen in several original videos across the web. For example, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQeQi5XXfz0&feature=player_embedded, and here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrnmbUDeHus

  • Dogsgethigh

    The symmetry of the “cutter charges” have nothing to do with the questionable aspects of this faked video. The “cutter charges” you refer to are seen in several original videos across the web. For example, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQeQi5XXfz0&feature=player_embedded, and here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrnmbUDeHus

  • ted

    it’s hard to say what’s real and what’s fake, anymore.
    it was either an inside job…or it wasn’t.
    does any video really matter anymore?
    i’m still convinced 9/11 was an inside job.
    i was almost ten years ago.

  • LilithNovaland

    Looks pretty real to me and I saw no UFO

  • Tony McLean
  • Tony McLean

    I shot J.R.

  • Anonymous

    The flashes are too bright compared to the contrast and color values of the rest of the building and the “ufo” CAN be seen zipping across the top.

  • Tnmamabear

    the timing is way off. compare the penthouse collapse then time lag THEN building collapse, versus in new one penthouse collapse and building collapses almost immediately. that is what I noticed, along with the other issues already noted.

  • http://twitter.com/TBTComics Truth Be Told Comics

    More than likely it is because of the success of the WTC 7 Solving the Mystery video that this fraud was released.

    Even if not, it is an obvious fraud – without the UFO.

  • http://twitter.com/TBTComics Truth Be Told Comics

    This is a fake.

    This view is impossible if you study the building geometry and structure along with the UFO.

    Oh yeah, this view would be obstructed by smoke and the Penthouse would be on the left.

  • Vinny “MR NEWS” Eastwood

    I made a video today debunking this lame as attempt of a BS video with Dr Judy Wood

    2 questions, 1 was the official story true? NO.
    2 if the official story is a lie then what really happened? This is secondary and we can’t really broach this subject until item 1 is answered. Otherwise it’s just speculation, I now regret calling it an inside job because that implies that i know who did it when in reality no one does, well someone does, but it certainly ain’t us.
    Vinny “MR NEWS” Eastwood

  • http://twitter.com/Guerillamedia Vinny Eastwood

    31 sec, flying right over the top of it the second before it collapses, gotta watch closely bro.

  • PeteCA

    Go to the YouTube channel of the video poster and click on the ‘block user’ feature…   if enough people do this, the account may be closed.

  • chuckchurchman

    I am a truther, and I know this won’t be a popular comment, but this video may not be as fake as you think. Maybe my eyes are just bad, or maybe I’m just getting old, but the reasons you gave for this video being fake still make no sense. (I also still can’t see the UFO, but I’ll look again.) First of all, if this came from a cop, a fireman, or a first responder, I’d be scared to death of putting it out before some time had passed. (Ten years is a good time to think about it.) Second, most of the local residents in Manhattan had probably left the scene at that hour once the smoke from the Twin Towers had engulfed the city. (This probably didn’t come from a bystander.) Third, who in his right mind from the police or fire departments would take credit for this? There’s no way you will ever get corroboration for this video, but the debunkers can’t handle it, so why are we fighting ourselves? The fact is this is what we KNOW happened in Manhattan that day, and whether or not this is a God send, I think your comments about it are jumping to some premature conclusions. Forgive me if you think this is wishful thinking, but then again, maybe we should recheck the logic behind the critique.

  • chuckchurchman

    Aha. I looked at it over and over again until I saw what the UFO was. I guess you might be right about this, though the UFO actually looked more like the space shuttle. I have no answer for any of that, but this also doesn’t look like a digital film. Without any sources, we’ll never know who did what, but most of the debunkers have shut up on my channel. They don’t really know what to say, and I think it’s only because they’re wondering themselves about why this building collapsed the way it did. The closer I look, the more I cannot account for why NIST would come up with the debris theory or the fire theory. We know this is what happened, but I guess some people never wanted to look so closely at it until now.

  • Antonio

    I’m wondering where you got your degree in demolitions.  You are aware that charges can be shaped, right?

  • Antonio

    So according to your theory the top of building 7 should have been blown up and out towards the roofs of the other buildings.  It was imploded on its own self. 

  • 4boatn

    This video is of WTC #7 being brought down but anyone who is fluent in digital video editing knows that this video has been highly manipulated. In every other credible video however you can still see the windows being blown out and creating black spots at very strategic locations, just before collapse. Keep in mind that not one, not two, but three buildings all managed to come down in their own footprint, the same day….the odds on that are simply off the charts. Can you imagine the man hours, the money and the effort that some entity has gone through trying to keep a lid on this for 10 years….that is the true definition of power.  

  • Csarns

    The east penthouse falling after the screenwall and west penthouse is absolute proof this is a fake.

    In the real videos, the east penthouse falls about 6 seconds before the screenwall and west penthouse.

  • Ttttt580020

    The ‘UFO’ is the penthouse falling into the building just before the outside collapses. This can be seen from multiple angles. I don’t get why you’re so skeptical. This is clearly a new angle of building 7. Never seen before, you can’t doubt that. Weather or not the blasts were added is another question. But you haven’t offered anything to refute those blasts. All you do is say the penthouse is an alien. The audio doesn’t seem dubbed, it seems rightly delayed for a camera a few hundred feet away. You’ve offered no concrete reason to doubt this, yet you agree with it’s conclusion. I don’t get it.

  • chuckchurchman

    My take on it is that this has probably been doctored, but if it’s getting more public scrutiny, THAT’S GREAT! I want to turn that into a win. So what if it’s been falsified? Any press is GOOD press, and if the public actually takes a closer look to find that UFO, they’re going to see that building did NOT collapse from any fires or debris. By looking at something false, they might just find the truth. Controversy is a good thing if it gets people to look more closely, so I say let’s capitalize on it. The shills might hate it and make fun of it, but they won’t be the ones to benefit from it.

  • Daccable

    um weather  the blast are real or not …. IS THE QUESTION… they are fake.. the flash is too bright …meaning the flash is placed above the smoke and fog and distortion…also there is NO debris being blown from the windows that flash…pretty difficult to add a 3D explossion blast with debris…so that alone is proof its a fake video. 

  • Dutch

    It’s the original footage from the same angle as before, however the film has been flipped. The window blowout configuration gave me the clue. The added effects are the blasts and sound. At the very least ppl are still including Bldg 7 in the argument that it was an inside job.

  • Csarns

    David Chandler flipped the video to its original state. He also noticed that the east penthouse falls after the screenwall in the fake video. In the original, it falls about 6 seconds before the screenwall and west penthouse.

  • Chemtrailkook

    the side by side comparison video you link to was done by a 10 year old kid and it is a peice of crap

  • Adam_miller2008

    Thank you for pointing this out.  I fell for it originally.  These things happen.

  • http://buelahman.wordpress.com/ BuelahMan

    Why all the focus on a UFO that doesn’t exist. Seems to me thee is just as much sleight-of-hand from the people that keep saying they see a UFO (when clearly there is no such thing in this video).

    There is nothing that determines that this is the fake that the author suggests it is. The only adequate point of contention mentioned above is the potentially added audio.

  • Rizonman

    You really need to look closely again. They made it very subtle at :15 and :30. After you’ve seen it once it becomes plain as day. Yes. In deed there is a flying saucer.

  • Anonymous

    I saw a video a while back that was 100% better than this one also show explosions. I believe it was part of the FOI request and released by the fire department. I’m not sure where it’s posted but if I find it again I’ll link it up for the A&E experts to look at it. 

  • Anonymous

    Jimmy Hendricks Rocks ??? … Don’t get exited its only a cryptic message for a you tuber …

  • Anonymous

    Nobody is having temper tantrums about the visible flashes during the twin towers collapse … I am angry that someone posted the clip of building 7 flipped but what is annoying me even more is many people are saying its a mirror of the NIST clip .. For one there is another building in the foreground of the NIST clip which would have to be edited out ,,,I tried it ,,you are left with 9 floors … Nist is also a static shot !

  • Anonymous


    I pasted 3 clips together ,,i didn’t alter the audio or anything else bar flip the alleged fake clip so it matches the inset and second clip .. Someone from the truth movement said i manipulated it .. Paint a wall red and someone will say its purple !! A quick lesson for those who like to play mind games with the prejudgemental narrow minded self important holier than thou’s … 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stevo-Chambers/565590974 Stevo Chambers

    Either this video has been altered or indeed there was a UFO that passed over building 7 at the exact point it fell. And no, I’M NOT REFERING TO THE PENTHOUSE! Look above the penthouse at :15- :17 and pause it. There is clearly a flying saucer! Fake! Find me the source and the original clip, and explain to me why you altered it… I’ll tell you why: to try and make us believe this imposter, so that when it’s easily debunked we all seem like total idiots. Well we’re not buying it trolls! Real 9/11 Truth! V for Victory!

  • Gary Cunningham

    The building 7 collapse is as contrived as the supposed hit on the Pentagon. What you are calling a UFO in the ‘Fake’ video is actually a stealth aircraft caught on camera after delivering Thermite explosives into WTC7

  • Jani

    R.I.P. and THANK YOU *** Danny Jowenko ***http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzGQtoz9qiU


    Danny Jowenko, Faked Fatal Accident Site News High Res Images & Video
    7-16-11 (11911)

    Danny Jowenko 9/11 interview WTC 7
    [An Unwilling Truther Guru]

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