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Michael IgnatieffCanadian Opposition Leader Michael Ignatieff Says Overwhelming Evidence Al Qaeda Did 9/11

When asked by a We Are Change Victoria (British-Columbia, Canada) member “when can we expect a new investigation, with subpoena powers, in Canada to fulfill our moral and legal duty on behalf of the victims?“, leader of the official Canadian opposition, Michael Ignatieff — after a clear moment of discomfort — simply replied there was “overwhelming evidence that Al Qaeda, from Afghanistan, did 9/11.”

A few questions come to mind and we would love to interview Mr. Ignatieff, who has fair chances to become the next Prime Minister of Canada, and ask him to talk about this “overwhelming” evidence. Maybe he could explain how Al Qaeda was able to have NORAD stand down for over 80 minutes? Or how 3 towers collapsed at free-fall acceleration?

To be fair, Ignatieff was only stating the official Canadian position towards the 9/11 attacks. Any prominent politician in Canada would have answered the same way. What they fail to realize is Canada’s public opinion regarding the September 11, 2001 attacks is currently shifting and soon, a majority of Canadians will demand a new independent investigation into this tragic event which is still used as a pretext for war. Canada is a long-time partner of the Afghan war. Over 140 Canadian troops have been killed in Afghanistan since the beginning of this illegal invasion.

We publicly invite Mr. Ignatieff to attend our conference in Montreal on May 3rd, the largest 9/11 conference in Canada with Dr. David Ray Griffin and Richard Gage, AIA, and see the overwhelming evidence that controlled demolition with the use of explosive is the only plausible scientific explanation for the collapse of the 3 World Trade Center towers.

We Are Change Victoria Questions Michael Ignatieff

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  • Matt Dowell

    Keep it up canada. i feel the same way about Obama. we voted for change and we got 30,000 more troos sent to Afghanistan. more and more people are realizing that we do not live in a democracy. but we live in the biggest state sponsored terrorist country in the world who ‘s at war with it own people.

  • André

    Many people thing that the 9/11 is an inside job to give an excuse to the Irak and Afganistan Wars.

    In my mind, Ignatieff has no credibility whatsoever. As Prime Minister, he would be a lot worse than Harper. He would be a shame to Canada. How can we, as Canadians, elect a man who is a total puppet of the Americans? How can we trust a man who is in favor of the genocide of the Palestinians and who agrees with the horrors committed by Israel? Ignafieff: NEVER in a thousand years!

  • Kevin

    Yeah, we Canadians don’t think Bush “let” the attacks happen, most of us think he “made” them happen.

  • Michael

    Mr. Ignatieff, who aggressively advocated that Yugoslavia should be bombed in 1999 until turn to dust ? Sir, you are a disgrace for Canada and free world.

  • Anders Björkman

    As I always say, based on hard facts (see website): You can fly as many planes you like into tops of skyscrapers and the skyscrapers will never collapse (?) from top down to ground. When something collapses, it is from ground up to top! So if Al Qaida planned something from a cave in Afghanistan, it was not the destruction of three skyscrapers at NY on 911.

  • TJ S

    I say to all you ignorant people who are calling Mr.Ignatieff names to consider that he is the most likely between himself and Stephen Harper to initiate or support a new investigation. Realize what you are asking and the gravity of what you are about to expose, if 911 were ever proven to be a Riechstag Fire. It would be bigger than JFK’s assassination or Watergate put together. You are literally speaking about destroying the social fabric of the most powerful nation on the planet, if something this untoward ever came to light. Billions invested in war, the lives of thousands of soldiers, nations toppled and destabalized, an administration exposed as treasonous.Do you honestly think he will jeopardize his career and not tow the partyline? If you honestly think he will agree to something that sounds logical to you, then you are not informed of how the Canadian political machine works, or any political machine for that matter. After he is elected PM that is the time to apply pressure not beforehand. In fact, the pressure is best applied to those in office, those who have already crossed the threshold of political victory and want to be regarded highly in public opinion. To be able to pull this off first you must have an overwhelming majority who buy into your theory, otherwise you are just another nutty conspiracy group. Believe me a few thousand signing a petition is hardly overwhelming, try a few million to even get your foot in the door. By that I mean a few million John Hancocks on record. That is the only way to get a new investigation.

    • JF Ranger

      TJ S: Putting public pressure on politicians is our duty. Don’t be fooled by the low numbers of this petition. We are a new initiative. CBC’s The Fifth estate reported in Nov. 2009 that a majority of Americans and one third of Canadians think the Bush administration knew about the attacks and let them happen. This is 150 millions in the US and over 10 millions in Canada. This patterns applies worldwide. We will soon be the majority.

  • Kevin Klerks

    Please don’t associate Ignatiff with Canada, his ignorance and stupidity are not reflective of us. Thank you.

  • haaee

    dum boy……ignatieff ..
    you must have no braine……
    cia did it..!! white help from …isreal…..
    hmme mabe nwo pay you for lies….
    for canadiens people….fuck you…..

  • dotmafia

    Mr. Ignatieff, it’s very strange that this overwhelming evidence has not led the FBI, on their very own website, to accuse Bin Laden or al Qaeda of being behind the 9/11 attacks. Exactly what overwhelming evidence are you aware of that they are not? Until you can answer this question to back up your public statement — it should be regarded as bullsh*t.

  • Craig Welbourn

    Dear Mr. Ignatieff, As a followup to my previous post, if you have any evidence that, as you say, Al Qaeda did 9/11, you are obligated to turn it over to the FBI. You might be surprised to learn that Osama Bin Laden is not wanted by the FBI for 9/11 because they do not have any hard evidence that he was involved.

  • Craig Welbourn

    Dear Mr. Ignatieff, Because of your understanding of the overwhelming evidence that Al Qaeda did 9/11, you should be able to answer the question: How did the explosive material thermate get into the dust? Until this question is answered, no one can claim to know what happened.

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