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BuildingWhat? on Geraldo At Large on Fox News

“BuildingWhat?” Appears on Geraldo At Large on FOX News | November 13, 2010

On November 13, Bob McIlvaine and Tony Szamboti appeared on Geraldo Rivera’s show “Geraldo At Large” on Fox News to talk about the “BuildingWhat?”  TV ad campaign and World Trade Center Building 7 for a short segment.

Geraldo Rivera has long been an anti 9-11 truth journalist, as he himself pointed out by showing a clip from Truth Rising: The 9/11 Chronicles Part One in which 9/11 demonstrators tried to get his attention during a live show — something that Rivera and his crew didn’t enjoy. But tonight’s Rivera’s short segment on BuildingWhat? also turned out to be a public mea culpa before his audience of over 1 million people.

Pour voir cette vidéo avec sous-tites français, cliquez ici.

“It is an intriging topic. I certainly am much more open about it than I was, and it is because of the involvement of the 9/11 families and all these engineers and architects. Clearly they know more than I do.”
— Geraldo Rivera

Will this encourage other journalists and media professionals, including Jon Stewart from The Daily Show, to start looking into the evidence and invite more guests from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and NYC CAN onto their shows for fair interviews?

Bob McIlvaine lost his son Bobby McIlvaine on September 11, 2001. He is an active member of NYC CAN, a group which cosponsors the “BuildingWhat?” TV ad campaign. Tony Szamboti is a mechanical engineer and member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, a group of more than 1,350 professionals calling for a new independent investigation into the destruction of Building 7 and the twin towers.

Your Comments

  • Mike Jones

    This would not be the first time our gov’t lied to us.  Wake up people and stop living in denial!

  • Truth

    Geraldo is such a fag.

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