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12 Comments For This Post

  1. world for 9-11 truth comment ricky caine Says:

    hi i go to a fair few gigs am prepaired to and out leaflets with the website on it would also hand them out round town in the bars if you have something i could download much appreciate it. cheers zimbolord

  2. world for 9-11 truth comment Michael Marino Says:

    Thanks for the Petition. How about mentioning the NYC
    Ballot Initiative?


  3. world for 9-11 truth comment uffe kabell Says:

    Great initiative ,thank you . I think too ,that its worth it for you ,to have an rss ,with daily/hourly updates,from the signature-collections of new yorkerkers,that i near to 50.000 resident new yorkers .Thank you

  4. world for 9-11 truth comment chris Says:

    Petition locked, not got verification mail and 2nd time cannot insert.

  5. world for 9-11 truth comment JF Ranger Says:

    We’re in the process of moving servers. Read the red note on the petition page. Thanks.

  6. world for 9-11 truth comment BRANDT Pierre Says:

    I really want to sign your GREAT petition, but the confirmation e-mail from your site does not accept my confirmation.I need your help .
    With kindest regards

  7. world for 9-11 truth comment JF Ranger Says:

    Hi and thanks for your comments. We will change the petition confirmation process very soon. It’s hard to find a company that will host a website that needs to send tons of emails. We expect to have to send tens of thousands of emails a day and when you have such needs, the server costs skyrocket.

    What we’ll do is change how people can confirm their identity until we find a reliable hosting service big enough for our plans but that won’t ruin us. More on this tomorrow.

    Thanks for your support!

  8. world for 9-11 truth comment Ivo Schoenmakers Says:

    Great initiative we from We Are Change Holland stand 200% behind you guys and love to work closer with the rest of the Truth movements across the world.

    We will putt the link on our website and if you have any promo material please let us know sow we can use it during our street action. We will make some flyer’s with the your logo and link from your website if thats oke??
    By the way….
    I made 2 clip (from other clips)about your petition to promote you guys with your great work.
    Aim working on the Dutch version right now.
    I hope you don’t mind ;-)


    keep up the good work and let us know if we can help.
    Hope to meet you guys some time… peace

    We Are Change Holland

  9. world for 9-11 truth comment Mark Dermul Says:

    I completely concur with my Dutch colleague. Keep up the good work and please add us to your worldwide network.

    I’ll update the Belgian website this weekend with your logo and banner and a support note to get more people to sign your petition.


    Mark Dermul

  10. world for 9-11 truth comment Mohammed Ismail Says:

    What you are doing is absolutely fantastic. It is so refreshing to see people concious of what is happening to us. The elite have had their day and now it is time for us to have ours.

    We must first win the information war. For too long the new world order has dumbed down the population with rubbish which does not effect our lives. Instead we need to be clued up on all the happenings of the political and economic world. Once we do this, they will have no where else to run.

  11. world for 9-11 truth comment Duncan Says:

    Loving this site, stacks of links and reputable info, the more voices we get, the more I can feel the cabal tremble, peaceful resistance is essential, the elite are inbred and their puppets are brainwashed, ending the fear is the key,
    Great site.
    WAC Norwich

  12. world for 9-11 truth comment Erik Kamfjord Says:

    I could really use a 250 x 250 banner… No rush though.

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