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4 Comments For This Post

  1. world for 9-11 truth comment john Says:

    how many years do you work on this website? Are your actions and the website supported by the Government?

    Thank you !

  2. world for 9-11 truth comment JF Ranger Says:

    John: This website was officially released in June 2009. No, no Government is behind this website. No political party or politician are behind us either. We are a real grassroots movement and we will always remain one.

  3. world for 9-11 truth comment Amyn Says:

    I want to support, promote, and donate to W911Truth. But first I need to believe and trust you. Knowing that you are a ‘real grassroots movement” doesn’t quite do it for me. In the “About us” page I’d like to see names and location. David Ray Griffin and Richard Gage have my full support because they have truth, courage, and honor on their side, therefore no need to hide or lie. Maybe then you will see more signatures and dollars.

  4. world for 9-11 truth comment JF Ranger Says:

    Amyn: We truly are a real grassroots movement. No organization is behind us, no politicians, no bankster.. no one. As for names and locations, I’m afraid that would be impossible at this point. Some people dedicate themselves very publicly, like Richard Gage and David Ray Griffin, but a lot more people work more discretely to support them. This is one of our forces. What I can tell you is we have members worldwide. Dedicated activists.

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Prof. Niels Harrit
“9/11 is the single most important historical event since the end of the cold war. It heralded a new war, the ongoing and endless ”war on terror”. This is a global war which affects every aspect of human life on the planet. There is no enemy nor victory in sight. Most people acknowledge that the 9/11 attacks on USA soil was a crime, but only few are aware that it has never been investigated as such. It is therefore most timely, that offers this opportunity for the international society to join efforts in the demand for a new, transparent investigation of the 9/11 events.”
Prof. Niels Harrit

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