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9/11 10th Anniversary Campaign

Dear Friends,

My name is Bob McIlvaine. Many of you know me because for the last ten years I have been speaking out for a proper investigation into the murder of my son, Robert McIlvaine, on September 11, 2001.

I am writing you directly because today is the start of the fundraising drive for the 10th Anniversary Campaign, and we need your support to make this campaign the size that it needs to be to generate overwhelming public demand for a new 9/11 investigation.

Many of you have supported Remember Building 7 for the past year because you understand that Building 7 is the key to raising public awareness about 9/11. Today a mere 14% of New Yorkers know the name of Building 7, 3 out 4 have never seen footage of it, and 1 in 3 don’t even know a third building collapsed on 9/11. When most New Yorkers and millions of others in cities across the U.S. are finally exposed to footage of Building 7 on TV – as this campaign will do – some serious questions will start to be asked, even in the mainstream media. When those questions become too difficult to ignore, calls for a new investigation will multiply exponentially.

Please go to and donate generously. Our movement has grown by leaps and bounds in the ten years it has existed. We must now stand together and realize the full potential of our numbers worldwide, from the most dedicated activists, to those who are informed but have never taken action. We will never have a better opportunity than now.

Thank you for supporting our efforts.


Bob McIlvaine
Father of Robert McIlvaine

Your Comments

  • Dillanger T. Stockton

    The National Security Agency was at the forefront of the events.  They follow the same script as Hitler and the SS.

  • Gra5rb


  • Obi Wan

    Please help Bob McIlvane get a proper,open and honest 911 investigation.Support AE911Truth.It might help a lot of people. It could help prevent another war.
    I can only give a few dollars a week. Imagine if everyone donated the price of a few beers each week…

  • Iain Carstairs

    Bush & Co were very clever to let Silverstein front the whole affair – they must have realised the temptation for him to knock down $6.2bn worth of insured buildings was too much for him.  Silverstein is, no doubt, the patsy in this like Lee Harvey Oswald and in the same way, he’ll be accidentally falling off a tall building once the evidence mounts – something he must be seriously concerned about, and wondering how to bounce the blame in advance?

  • Connie Smith

    they got rid of the evidence so fast because the government knew something that they didn’t want the Architects and Engineers to know.  Dr. Judy wood, looked into the evidence and she saw something wasn’t right she wrote articles about it and now she has disappeared they didn’t like what she had to say because she knew what was going on.  I definitely think that the Man who owns the building knew something.  I don’t know how he can live with himself knowing that he was indirectly responsible for all those deaths.  Good luck and god Bless all of the people involved in the new investigation!

  • Maria Patterson

    God Bless you.x

  • Brianlai22


  • Enrico Napolitano

    The Controlled Demolition of the World Trade Center Buildings on 911 Was a INSIDE JOB, organised Orchestrated and Executed by the US government , therefore the george bush regime officials are CRIMINALS

  • R M

    This man is a hero, this is the man I would be if my son died in this LIE.  I am going to support him right now with $. 

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