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The Toronto Hearings

9/11 Toronto Hearings Free DVD and Final Report

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You Will Receive Free Copies of the Toronto Hearings DVD and Final Report

September 6, 2011

The International Hearings on the Events of September 11, 2001 will be held in Toronto, Canada at Ryerson University from September 8 through September 11. At the hearings, expert witnesses will present evidence that the U.S. government’s investigation into the events of that day was seriously flawed and failed to account for what happened.

The result of this historic event will be the creation of the Final Report of the International Hearings on the Events of September 11, 2001, and a DVD of the event including the testimony of every expert witness.

Because the Remember Building 7 10th Anniversary Campaign is a proud sponsor of the Toronto Hearings, when you make a generous donation of $100 to the 10th Anniversary Campaign, you will receive a copy of The 9/11 Toronto Report and DVD in the mail. And if you make a donation of $50, you will receive a copy of the DVD.

Do not miss this incredible opportunity to support the 10th Anniversary Campaign and receive complimentary copies of The 9/11 Toronto Report and DVD. Donate Now!

The Toronto Hearings

Visit to learn more about the Toronto Hearings and to learn more about the 10th Anniversary Campaign.

I have already donated, will I get the DVD and Final Report?

If you have already donated at least $100 to the 10th Anniversary Campaign, you will receive a copy of the Final Report and DVD – you don’t need to donate again. The same goes for those of you who already donated between $50 and $99 –you will receive the DVD.

If you already donated a sum less than $50 or $100, you can make an additional donation to bring your cumulative donation total up to $50 or $100 and you will receive the corresponding gift.

If you already donated $50, please do not hesitate to donate another $50 and receive your complimentary 9/11 Toronto Report in addition to the DVD.

Please Donate Now and thank you for you generous support!

Only with your support can this campaign be a success. 
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Your Comments

  • Giuseppe pepe

    Now I understand the real nature of the Toronto Hearings.

  • ANON

    I donated but got the following error.  Just wanted to let you know so it doesn’t confuse others:

    Transaction Denied: Your order has been received. Thank you for your business!

  • Jeff

    We’re Helping All Across America God Bless America once again! PS:At 9/11 we raised $1 Million dollars in just three week…

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