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9-11 Mother Demands Obama Try Terrorist Plotters In Civilian Court 9/11 Mother Demands Obama Try Terrorist Plotters In Civilian Court

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From the Huffington Post:

In anticipation of a final announcement as to the trial venue for the 9/11 plotters, September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows is warning the president against “buckling to political pressure,” calling the use of military tribunals the “wrong thing to do.”

“As 9/11 families, we have suffered greatly and waited almost nine years to see justice done with our own eyes. We understand that you face political pressure to back down. We ask that you do not allow fear and prejudice to govern your decision as we are not afraid. We know our country is strong enough to hold on to our values in the face of terrorism.”
—Donna Marsh O’Connor

In a nearly four-minute long video, Donna Marsh O’Connor — a Peaceful Tomorrows member who lost her pregnant daughter when the Twin Towers collapsed — speaks both to the broad notion that America has a “historic commitment to justice” and, more narrowly, to the horse-trading politics that now surround terrorist trials. Reflecting disappointment with recent signals from the White House, O’Connor calls specifically for the president to reject a reported compromise proposal with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) in which the administration would drop plans for civilian trials in exchange for Republican support for the closure of Gitmo.

The video follows other efforts from Peaceful Tomorrows to advocate for civilian trials for the 9/11 suspects.

9/11 Mother Demands Obama Try Terrorist Plotters In Civilian Court

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  • Robert

    I am sorry for the loss this woman and all the other families suffered because of this tragic war crime against the United States of America.

    It is unfortunate she does not comprehend the difference between the civilian legal system and a military system. Our president is a lawyer and it is not surprising he believed a civilian trial would be the correct path to ‘justice’. He is wrong. How would this woman feel if the result of the civilian trials were acquittal of all charges due to a legal technicality?

    Our military are needed to protect us against foreign invasion and acts of war. The 911 attack was an attack on our country. It needs to be dealt with in the military system. Our military strength and system are deterrents to future aggression.

    If terrorists believe they will get a civilian trial instead of being shot on the spot, you might as well shut down the entire military system and invite the destruction of our country.

    Again, I am sorry for each personal loss, but civilian trials are not the correct answer for war crimes.

    What part of enemies chanting “We will kill you” is not understood?

  • Pete

    don’t you need evidence for a trial?

  • christof litz (zuerich)

    A trial on a civilian court is of great importance, for there it is public and all the evidence about 9/11-insidejob can be told.
    So it is more than clear, why some pressure is there, to prevent this.
    This matter is of greatest importance!!!!!

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