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9/11 first responder interviewWeAreChange Boston interviews a 9/11 first responder who talks about controlled demolition of Building 7 and the molten steel.

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“The kind of stuff that was burning down there… some of us was refering to it as “hell”, like a volcano bed. It burned, it burned, it burned. I was there for a week and it was still molten when I left. It was like standing near a volcano.”
— Pierre, first responder from the American Red Cross team

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This is just another example of the treasonous investigation by NIST on the collapse of the buildings, who not only ignored the fact that molten steel was present underneath the buildings, like many first responders said, and like pictures and video clearly demonstrate, but who told the world they were not even aware of it.

Here’s John Gross from NIST, lead engineer of the NIST report — which basically means that he participated in building up the ‘official conspiracy theory’ supported by the Bush administration — denying the existence of molten steel in the basement of the towers (you can’t make that up):

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Meanwhile, the mainstream media is attacking the 9/11 Truth Movement, for asking real questions, like “why in the world was molten steel present underneath those buildings?” or “What is the cause of all that molten steel?”. This is beyond ridiculous.

We challenge the mainstream media to investigate on the molten steel now, from the standpoints of  both the first responders and NIST. We challenge you, mainstream media people, to do your job before attacking the 9/11 Truth Movement for actually doing yours, which should be asking the real questions.

“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance”
— Albert Einstein

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