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RememberBuilding7 TV Ad

9/11 Family Members Unveil New Building 7 TV Ad

Following the unprecedented BuildingWhat? campaign launched in late 2010, 9/11 family members along with architects and engineers have unveiled their second and powerful TV ad today which will air in New York City in the coming month. The campaign, now called “RememberBuilding7″ and available at focuses on the impossible collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 and aims at denouncing the official U.S. government theory that this 47-story skyscraper collapsed onto itself at free fall acceleration due to fire in the afternoon of September 11, 2001.

Click here to watch the new ad

Over 1,460 architects and engineers have signed a public petition supporting a new investigation on the destruction of Building 7. This new RememberBuilding7 campaign is seeking support of the public to finance their next round of TV spots. The campaign has already received over $75,000 in donations and needs to add another $25,000 to this total. Therefore we are asking all our readers around the world who can donate any amount to visit and make a donation now.

All donations to this campaign will help reach another one million viewers and bring even greater media exposure—the kind of exposure that will ignite widespread discussion of Building 7 and generate enough public pressure to bring about a new investigation.

We also ask supporters of this campaign to help make it go viral today on the Internet by sharing this article on Facebook, Twitter and by telling your friends to watch the ad and contribute to the fundraising efforts if they can.

Your Comments

  • Adam Newdow

    It may be time for this —> 

  • Unrelated

    This money is needed not just to fuel the fire of conspiracy buffs ( hereafter referred to as retards ) but also to line somebodys pocket. I have a conspiracy theory of my own… 9-11 truthers were once a bunch of trekkies living in their moms basement. When no new star trek shows/movies were forthcomiing to bring meaning to their pathetic worthless lives they jumped on the retard train. First stop… the internet. Send the retards your money if you like, but if you’d like to know who is responsible for 9-11 look to the nations run by that ”fools gold” religion of Islam. Or at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. 

  • Chumpchange

    America is Israel’s BITCH

  • Ianpc04

    the trade centers were a distraction from the destruction of building 7 what ever information was housed there , was the reason for the trade centers coming down.

    • Suspicious Patriot

      There was more than one reason, for any of it. My personal “guess” is that 7 was to come down during those dust clouds, but somewhere along the line their schedule went a foul of the clock. Regardless of anything, though, those towers were coming down & with people in them.

      Here’s another possible reason (I have heard & from two separate and unrelated sources) the towers were brought down as a – Masonic Blood Ritual. As it was stated to me, don’t let the fact be lost (on you / us) that at the foot of those towers was a building called – The Solomon Brother’s Bank.

      The most important building in the world to the Masons was / is King Solomon’s Temple. The temple had two towers (Jachin & Boaz), which stood @ the entrance to the temple. That, indeed, the twin towers were built…specifically for the “purpose” of 911.

      Regardless of the meaning of it or even its veracity – none-the-less, there stood (the) two massive towers and with a building at the base of them called – Solomon. And the only buildings to fall that day and be totally demolished were those three.

      And as an ancillary piece of evidence – please note that the EU Parliament is a built to be representative of The Tower of Babel; an “un-completed” building. Subsequently, we have (another) a building constructed from Biblical reference. We also have the rampant examples of Masonic control of our societies – our money, symbols (both govt. and corporate), pyramids and obelisks in every major town you can name.

      It is my informed and personal opinion – that 911 was not only a staged false-flag, state sponsored atrocity, but also a ritualistic act; a Masonic one, based on ancient Cabalism.

      • Unrelated

        You people are freakin’ retards.  

    • Fitzlight

      Yes the Twin Towers may have been a distraction do that hopefully the people would not take notice of building 7, but there was another reason. It so that George W Bush could use what happened to accomplish two things, 1-Take away our rights and to attack Iraq so that the big oil companies to gain control of the Iraqi for themselves and we let him to do both without any fear of we the American people. So we now share in the killing of all those people on 9-11 and all who died since because of it. We share in the death of all our service men, women and Iraqi who have all been killed because George W Bush, Dick Cheney along with the big oil companies wanted control of the Iraqi oil. So now if you want to see who is guilty of all these innocent people just go look in a mirror, because remaining silent is to consent to the crime.   

  • JfR
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