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911 Blueprint for Truth with Richard Gage AIA

9/11: Blueprint for Truth with Richard Gage, AIA

Over 1,500 architects and engineers call for a new investigation into 9-11. Learn why in this worldwide-acclaimed multimedia presentation by San Francisco Bay area architect, Richard Gage, AIA, who provides the overwhelming evidence of explosive controlled demolition of all 3 World Trade Center high-rise buildings on September 11, 2001.

9/11: Blueprint for Truth The Architecture of Destruction with Richard Gage, AIA

Includes: updated graphics and video, the latest forensic evidence, WTC Building 7 and Twin Towers examinations, symmetrical collapse, explosions, near free-fall acceleration, total dismemberment, lateral ejection of steel, iron spheres, molten metal, thermite evidence, whistle blowers, destruction of evidence, expert corroboration, foreknowledge, and more.

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  • Bob marshall

    don’t think!

  • Bob marshall

    If tyranny and oppression come to this land it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.  James Madison.   “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer din’t think.”  Adolf Hilter!

  • concerned citizen

    Its really scary the lack of answers politicians have for the questions surrounding 9-11. If it REALLY was an outside job they should have lots of evidence to support their story. The fact that they do not only furthers this feeling that the government lied to the american public. Every message board ive seen is filled with people discussing EVIDENCE that the government lied and rebuttals consisting of nothing more than name calling and blatant disinformation. There are serious questions that are raised and no answers. Sorry but if you want me to believe something i need evidence. The side that says 9-11 was an inside job has evidence… the side against it has little or no evidence. I mean damn, why cant the government CGI something to make us all believe their story? 

  • Factdogg

    NIST has already conceded that WTC7 was in free fall for 2.25 seconds, yet they have not accounted for this anomaly in their model or their report.  Free Fall requires ZERO resistance.  Any resistance would manifest in an equal and opposite reflection force that would measurably and observably slow the rate of descent.  Free Fall cannot occur from a single column failure, or a few column failures, or a sequence of column failures…because ALL of these hypothesis suffer from the same flaw–The remaining columns would provide resistance.  To enter Free Fall, ALL 24 core columns, and ALL 58 exterior columns would have to be removed…simultaineously…within a fraction of a second… 

  • Bob Marshall

    While i am asking questions i might as well ask three more. Why were no bodies found at the crash site of flight 93. Just a deep pit. people need to research Why was Flight reported to have landed in Chicago later that day? Why did the Whitehouse keep changing their story? research needs to be done to determine who met in Washington a few days  leading up to 9/11 and on 9/11 and a few days later. Interesting that thousands of records with files against coporations like Enron were destroyed. The PNAC was right. All we need is another event like Pearl Harbor. Something to consider.

    • Terrell Miller

      not true, remains of several passengers were recovered and given to their families. There’s a touching segment in the “United 93″ special features where Deora Bodley’s mother is meeting the actress who will play her in the film, and shows the actress the urn with Deora’s remains.

      As far as all the conflicting reports: that was the norm on 9/11 and for awhile afterwards, with reports of truck bombs at the State Department and many more suspected hijacks that turned out to be normal flights. BBC reported on the collapse of building 7 20 minutes before it actually collapsed, based on a garbled account one of their reporters got of a warning that the building was about to collapse.

      About the SEC records: the WTC was in the middle of one of the largest business districts in the world. That’s specifically why the tangos chose the towers as targets in the first place. So it was inevitable that SOMETHING of major importance would be destroyed. Could have been anything, but it turned out to be the SEC’s documents. That’s far from proof of a conspiracy, sorry.

      • Smokiepost

        I watched live coverage of the crash site and there were no bodies, wreckage and or luggage. The movie you refer to is BS.

  • Bob Marshall

    I find it interesting that Larry Silverstein leased these tower for 124 million months before 9/11 when they were found to been in need of 200 million in repair cost. Not only did he get back 98million of his investment but made 4.6 billion in insurance claims.The buildings were lined with abestos. No one has as of yet explained the explosions that can been seen just below the falling derbis or how all three buildings just happened to fall in their own footprint. Why was molten metal still burning one month later in the basement? Why were traces of Thermite, a highly powerful military explosive that reaches a temperature of 4000 degress almost instaneously found at the scenes? Why wa sthe beams and other metal pieces loaded on truck aound the clock and sent to China when China produces 10 time as much steel as the US? Why did Bush lie when he said he saw the first plane hit on a TV in a school in Florida when it wasn’t televised until the next day. Why was only one camera working on the Pentagon, the most secure building in the world and has cameras completely around it. Why was the only other camer confiscated from a convience store across from the side of the Pentagon where the plane hit . Why did the planes disappear from Radar for thirty minutes.  What caused the orage flashes before one of the planes hit the tower? Why was the Bin laden family in Washington and allowed to fly to Texas and then home when all aircraft was grounded across the US? Why were so many drill occuring at the same time/ Why were 200 isarelis rounded up ? What about the Isarelis who wer making movies and taking pictures as the planes struck both towers. What about the two white vans loaded with mossad agents and carring enough explosives to do serious damage to the george Washington Bridge while the other white van with Isarelis was stopped on the other side by police? When questioned, they said it is not us you want ,it is the Palestians. Just too many unanswered questions.

  • Crumpledoor

    Anyone who still thinks that a man in a cave and a bunch of men with box cutters caused this is totally dilusional.  It shows how easily the American mind can be minipulated into such falsehoods.  How many more of your children need to die in the “wars” (true term, invasion and terrorising foreign countries).  Not to mention the millions that have died in these foreign countries at the hands of American and coalition forces.  Its disgusting and needs to stop.  Rumsfeld and co are very evil human beings and are 100% criminals of the worst kind.

  • Bob Marshall

    Since we now know that building 7 was brought down by put. There were only two men that went back into the building how was this building able to explode unles these explosives hasd been placed much eariler. this takes time to place thes explosions. Never mind the fact one witness that was in the building died under mysterious circumstances. If the ower had told the truth this gentleman would have not died.

  • Kirbyola42

    Building 7 is nowhere near the twin towesr so falling of the towers could not cause the collapse of Building 7

    • Terrell Miller

      building 7 was only a block away from Tower 1, on the other side of the much smaller building 6. It’s clearly visible in many of the photos and videos taken that day.

  • USA

    Gee, what a shocker, this wing-nut is from the Bay Area. It’s nut jobs like this that give our area a bad name!

    • Darren-UK

      Are you stupid or something!? How the hell can you call an expert in their field a nutter?

      It’s your government that gives you guys a bad name.The fact that the leaders of a nation can plan an event like this is both sickening and shocking!

      Just look at how many laws of nature/science/physics are broken! The reports do not try and explain how these occur – aka LIES!!!!

      As William Shakespeare once said, “The truth will out!”

    • more american than you

      who are you to call him a wing-nut? that’s you; you uneducated hypocrite. that is a scientist who  presented his evidence and argument justly, presenting eye witnesses, video evidence and expert opinion. meanwhile you are a child who does nothing but name calling. i’m glad i’m not from the bay area and feel sorry for those close enough to have to endure such immaturity and ignorance. why don’t you do your homework and get a life and leave the rest to the professionals.

  • JoltinJoesAfool

    Any one of rational and intelligent mind and who as looked into 911 can clearly see that the official story is a lie. After watching this ( if indeed people do watch it ) people still think the official story is true, it can only be a reflection on there state of mind.

    Its so sad that the criminals behind this atrocity are still getting away with this crime and that millions are still suffering for it whether it be through direct loss of life, livelyhood, home., or by financial, freedoms and rights robbery due to the legislation and wars that have sprouted up from this heinous act.

    I only hope some of the people below who have commented along with more of the population grow up and face facts.

  • Joltinjoe5665

    It’s nice to have a voice in a country that won’t cut out your friggin’ tongue for spouting off such incredible BS…isn’t it?

    • Guest

      Cut off tongue, no; send you to Guantanamo without trial and waterboard you, possibly.

    • xPatriot

      Is it also Nice to live in a Country where a Moron [such as yourself] can become President, and as that “Puppet Leader”, send all the “Other Morons” out to Wage an  Illegal War on a Country for No Other Reason but to Steal it’s Oil… and benefit just a few hundred Fat Cats [who pull the puppet strings] to the tune of  over 12 Trillion Dollars? – - and since they OWN the News Media, they can Spin the Story any way they Like… so MORONS such as yourself will Believe Them?
      Yeah… Nice Country YOU live in… [I got So Sick of the BS, I moved to Mexico 5 tears ago.]

      • Eobass485

        i agree with everything except the ‘other morons’ part. some of those people don’t know, some are forced, hell, some have been lied to so much that they don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong. not all of these soldiers are like that and it’s not their fault and some just don’t know. everywhere you’re going to find liars, manipulators and thieves ( why do you think cogressman starts with con) but a lot of people still don’t know (like in 99% of the world) only what they’ve heard or been told and don’t know that this is actually a reagan-bush sr-clinton-bush jr. thing and that it’s already happened in europe. watch the animated documentary: american dream. if you don’t believe me.

  • Michel Therrien

    This article should be translate in every language…One more proof of the cover-up…Time to act now…

  • Brian Dyer

    @Doug McCrossan: Actually, 3 towers, not just 2, collapsed symmetrically.

  • Bud Selig

    The evidence is beyond reproach. The suppression of the truth by the NIST, the FEMA report and the 911 commission is by design and it’s about time that the evidence and sequence of events of that fateful day reveal the engineers of destruction. Let’s spend some more time investigating a reconstruction of what it would take to orchestrate a plan of this magnitude. At the heart of the deception is media control. In conjunction with that control is the psychology of manufacturing truth using the power of contained information. Another key is the peripheral thought that there is no way a plot of this magnitude could be executed without it being revealed. At the core of the “conspiracy” are the eventual beneficiaries. This is the WH0. Murder on the scale of 911 was hopefully a justifiable decision of enormous benefit on a scale hopefully few can digest. WHAT could possibly be the motivating force behind this decision. WHY was it necessary in the first place. The WHERE and WHEN are historical fact. The organizers behind 911 are brilliant and ruthless to fault but also single minded enough to believe in their purpose. The scope of the compartmentalization needed to properly execute this “conspiracy” is reflected by that. The “errors” of the plan have been revealed by the concentrated efforts of the clear minded people behind the truth movement. We have gotten a peek behind the curtain but finding out WHO was behind the controls is the only way to reveal why it was necessary for 3,000 people to die on that beautiful sunny day.

  • James E. Lee

    Not having heard of this website before, I happen across it tonight. Studying physics, years ago in school, some of these same questions ran through my head right after that dreadful day. Not really having any power to question the findings until now, perhaps with more of us banding together we will come to the point where we have this power to get the proper answers.

  • michael A

    Lets see if you believe the goverments explaination of the collapses of wtc1,2,7 then demolition companies have been ripping off its customers for decades,because apparently breaking up a 110 story building requires just setting detonators on 3or4 floors in a given area. why does one always see workers when they perform demolitions on video setting charges on every other floor including the basements. and also they do not have to be perfectly placed because both planes stuck different areas of the buildings one head on into the core the other on the outer perimeter columns. This caused a asymmetrical collapse in both wtc 1 and2 seems pretty hard to believe that engineers wouldn’t build redundancy in those towers.

  • steve jensen

    The video is excellent. Minimally, a personal investigation should be conducted informing yourself of the discrepancies between the scientific facts and the government’s “official” reports. This is our duty as Americans! We must remove our “a priori” rejection filters for a few minutes and “waste a little time” reading beyond our desire to doubt and dismiss. Do not categorize anything as “preposterous,” prior to allowing the fullness of evidence to be presented. Plenty of anomalies exist. Only in this manner can one begin to see that the facts speak for themselves—provided we do not dismiss them early because of where they logically lead. This is most important as fear of the conclusions so often leads to a subconscious rejection of the evidence. The startling realities will arrive in a most convincing manner only after spending the necessary time to formulate the proper relationships. Look at the science first; then at the stark conclusions the scientific evidence points to—that it had to have been an inside job!

  • steve jensen

    Please, view this video! Make time in your life to respond in the way that is critically needed at this time in history. You owe it to America. It is that simple. The video is a just and accurate demonstration of the truth. It is very thorough leaving no uncovered holes. Unlike the NIST and 9/11 Commission Reports, which are filled with gaping voids of inconsistencies and omissions, this video answers all the questions with hard facts and evidence. Richard Gage AIA has done invaluable research and presents it in a straight forward manner. Along with other dedicated professionals such as Dr. David Ray Griffin and Dr. Steven Jones, they form a strong catalyst motivating the American public to stand up and fight for the truth. The future of America depends on it. The American public must become aware of the truth that is being obscured by our government. For many, there cannot be a greater priority in our lives. Please, get behind this cause before it is too late. Many see only the tip of the iceberg regards the mis-direction that is occurring in America. Do not be asleep at the wheel and allow the future and our freedoms to be driven down the wrong road. Take the time, and do enough homework in order to forward convincing arguments—pointing dis-believers in the right direction. All that is required is time and effort. You will be amazed how fast the learning curve accelerates and you become a source of knowledge for others. All whom you convince will gratefully appreciate your efforts!

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Steve Jensen

  • felipe

    la administración Busg miente
    encuentren la verdad
    saludos desde Chile …


  • Doug McCrossan

    Not one tower but two towers collapsed symmetrically. Each tower lost 15% of its strength on impact with the planes so a significant amount of each building’s strength was presumably lost because of fires. Only the post-impact steel trussing that remains intact is supporting the building above the impact zone. So, in simple terms, even if the fires were intense enough to erode steel, for the towers to collapse symmetrically, the variable fires would have had to cause the components of the intact steel trussing to fail in equal measure at exactly the same time. The probability of this happening in one tower is next to zero, the probability of it happening in two towers is zero.

    • JF Ranger

      Great comment. Do you think we can go below zero if we include WTC 7?

      • Thomi Horath

        The problem is to bring the truth into the news… :(

  • Doug McCrossan

    P’haps some of the official accounts of 9/11 events should be aptly called THE MAGIC BUILDING THEORY

  • Doug McCrossan

    Is the authority the truth or is the truth the authority!?

    • JF Ranger

      We’re looking for the truth by asking questions and demanding answers. We clearly need a new investigation.

      • Doug McCrossan

        I agree, the reality surrounding 9/11 demands some definitive answers.

    • Jeff Dafoe

      Shining a light into the void of collective conciousness. Good luck, and thank you.
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